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Shi Jian��s brothe

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Joined: Jun 25, 2018
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 10, 2019 8:07 am    Post subject: Shi Jian��s brothe Reply with quote

Shi Jian��s brother of the same surname, Hong Quan, invited us to go to the three trees to eat sour soup beef. He drove and took us to the same place. The dinner was very pleasant, the afternoon sun slanted in the opposite room, we were in the shade, there was a breeze blowing, everyone was leisurely eating. After dinner, see the sunset is still warm, the sky will not be black immediately, Shi Jian suggested to find a place to play, do not hurry back, Hong Quan took us to the Bala River. We went to the leisure resort of Barra River in this way. The Bala River, a relaxing mountain resort, is located in the mountains, surrounded by a green stream of water, named after the river. The water in the Barra River is not deep and not in a hurry. The clean cobblestones are gently spread out on the river bank, which is very suitable for recreation. Years ago, the route from Kaili to Jiangli was on the road opposite the Bala River. I already knew this place, but I didn't go in and play. I remember that it was very hot at that time. People from all over the world often took family members or invited friends, or the unit carried out collective activities to run here to kill time and leisure, but on weekends, people came and went. . After a few years, we came to patronize, but did not see the prosperity and excitement of the Bala River in the past. I saw that people have gone to the building, and there are soaring, no one cares, leaving abandoned toys and garbage, dozens of sheets. The mahjong table has short legs and short legs arranged in a shed built along the river. The water in the swimming pool has already dried up, but these do not affect our interest. Especially for me, it seems that there is a long-lost desire and delusion that has finally come true. Years ago, when I was alone in Anlong��s Shiliheti, I fantasized about it: with my friends, after a meal, I played in the pavilions and pavilions, listening to the green hills and the green breeze, listening to the gentle breeze in the ear. Appreciate the rivers and chasing waves, sighing the mountains and towering, watching the mountains and listening to the water, no hangs, a few more happy, a few more romantic history sword and his friends are not very good mental condition, because yesterday's dinner, they were The wine was hurt. Last night was the first time I met with Shi Jian. In fact, he often came to Kaili and never contacted me. I suddenly called me to meet Wholesale Cigarettes Free Shipping. It��s rare for my classmates to want to see each other. How can I quit, so we each invited our companions to accompany us. Everyone was in a good mood and drank some wine in the interest. Our two ladies only drank a little wine and didn��t see anyone. I was surprised that I didn��t expect to see them the next day Marlboro Cigarettes Wholesale. It turned out to be a languid appearance. The most enjoyable gathering in the world, I think it is the first meeting after decades of understanding, so two or three confidants, no request, sincere meeting, mutual respect, mutual trust, order some simple meals Newports 100S Price, Ann Quietly ate, talked easily, and then searched for a quiet place, no city, no complicated things, leisurely watching the mountains, talking about interesting pasts, talking about work or friends, then talking about living After so many years of feelings, summing up life, this is my favorite. Over the years, after the national economic income has increased, the quality of life has also improved. People��s gatherings are always on the mahjong table. Apart from playing mahjong, they don��t know what to do. And I feel that I am an alternative to these people. Before, my life and work environment made me have to mix in it. However, I quickly found that my mind on the mahjong table was chaotic, often fascinated, and the cards were also ϹPlaying, has always lost a lot of labor remuneration, let people take away, not happy not to say Newport Box 100'S, if people lose is to marry the mother, in short, it seems that we can only lose, let others win, the world will be beautiful. Good classmates, good friends or sisters and neighbors often make a lot of gossip, piles of debts, and hurt. I finally got tired of everything. After losing countless labor remunerations, I felt very speechless and helpless. Later I was away from various parties. I actually like to talk, some funny jokes, what I saw and heard in my life work. Or, the cognition and feelings of certain things, or the delusions of certain things, etc., when everyone gathers, come out and talk, enrich the joy of life, increase knowledge and promote friendship, and more it is good. However, now where to find people to talk about these, everyone is busy, busy, what is said, no way to study, I am more lonely and speechless in the Bala River, we are equivalent to walking in the beautiful mountains, Looking up, you can see the mountains, standing proudly, nowhere is the mountain. The abundant rain in the summer nourishes the mountains and is especially lush and green. It reminds me of the admiration and awe of the mountains. I am actually a child who grew up in the mountains. When I was a child, my father often took us up the mountain to cut firewood Marlboro Red 100 Carton. After we planted vegetables on the mountain and joined the work, the eight-year rural work gave me the experience of going through countless barren hills and smashing countless mountain streams. So I am not afraid of the mountains and mountains. It��s always awe-inspiring to the mountains. Whenever you see the lush green hills, the soul will jump out of the ��green hills buried in the bones��, saying that the ancient people��s words are secretly sighed and mourn for the rest of the martyrs�� spirits. . The student Shi Jian took photos from time to time. His friends introduced the ups and downs of the Bala River. I released all the depression and restraint that piled up in my heart. In this natural oxygen bar, I breathe the freshest oxygen, thank you for the reward of nature. Thank you for the good life, thank you for your presence. In this way, we watched, walked, listened, and said in the green mountains and green waters. The time is getting late, but the sky seems to be unwilling to be black, but the classmate's friend said that there is still something, everyone immediately got on the bus and rushed back. There are many accidents happening at any time in life. Just like today, I accidentally received a phone call from my classmates. I accidentally met his brother of the same surname. I accidentally followed them to the Barra River and walked around, thinking about it, leaving an unforgettable trip.
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