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Changes Wrought By Severe Weather

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Author Message

Joined: Feb 20, 2007
Posts: 339
Location: Vancouver, Canada (zone 8b)

PostPosted: Tue Mar 27, 2007 1:30 pm    Post subject: Changes Wrought By Severe Weather Reply with quote

I told everyone how much rain we'd been having. I was afraid I sounded like a broken record, going on endlessly about it but now I'm convinced how bad it's been.

On the Vancouver main TV news station, one of the main stories was about a couple of homes that slid down into a ravine right here in my small town! Shocked I had no idea! So I checked on our map where it happened & it's only a few blocks from where I live. These are much older homes (as North American homes go) - maybe 50 years old - & there's been no recent developments or construction going on in that area that would de-stabilize the ground. It's all a result of our unusually heavy rains.

Mission is a very hilly town, full of small creeks & streams coming off from the higher elevation to the north (mountains) & is protected for salmon runs to reach their spawning grounds. So no development goes on in those protected areas & these homes were nearby. As a result, 2 homes are completely gone & another 6 have been evacuated due to instability. We're safe here as our home is on more rocky outcroppings & while it slopes, no ravines or creeks are very close.

Summer looks foreboding too with a possibility of those horrid flood mosquitoes that bite hard. Evil or Very Mad I will have to have lots of catnip spray handy to stave them off. If I spray that much on me, I may need to stave off the neighbourhood cats too who already regard me as their friend & visit me regularly while I garden. I'll be even more attractive to them. Wink

Yesterday, I was supposed to take lots of photos but when I got outside, I noticed a few things that needed work. But when I did a little, all my plants started waving their tired brown fronds at me, saying "Come care for us, Judy! We need help too!" Mr. Green And before I knew it, it was evening & time to go in & get some supper. I'm heading out there again as I barely accomplished a fraction of the work needed.

Sadly, many plants did not make it through the winter. My beautiful Hebe shrub is dead, dead, DEAD. Very sad Many more have been damaged or killed too. Have to wait & see if any show signs of greening up later.

So, let's hear from others if the our changing climate has made things difficult or maybe even better for you & your plants.

I'll try to grow almost anything if I can get seeds or cuttings from a plant or fruit. It's a challenge!
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Joined: Jan 25, 2007
Posts: 66
Location: Zemun, Serbia

PostPosted: Tue Mar 27, 2007 2:17 pm    Post subject: Re: Changes Wrought By Severe Weather Reply with quote

Such a shoking story!
I would like to narrate something about that like Iso, but I have no words enough Embarassed .
I will only say that malarian mosquitos passed into South and Central Europe, because of changing climate. Scientists are desperate. I've heard that few days ago.
Temperatures are higher what me and my plants like. LIKE. VEEERY LIKE!
Seems to me now, my place becomes better for living then before (except horrible flying monsters).
Maybe I haven't to move somewhere southerly Wink Caribbean comes here!

What is life if not a music?
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Joined: Mar 06, 2007
Posts: 310
Location: S.East England

PostPosted: Wed Mar 28, 2007 11:53 am    Post subject: Re: Changes Wrought By Severe Weather Reply with quote

Iso that sounds dreadful. Was anyone in the houses when they slid down? I so hope not. Nice to know your house is quite stable.
What are flood mosquitoes? Is that just another name for malarial mosquitoes? Hope they are not heading in our direction. Shocked
Sorry to here you lost plants as well. Which Hebe was it you lost?
Now that the weather has warmed up and I can get out in my garden I am beginning to find out which plants I have lost through the winter because of heavy rains. Not many luckily but a few specials don't seem to have made it. I always live in hope though and won't pull anything out until I have seen no growth for a few months like you Iso.

Sounds like you have no reason to start swimming now Sladolez. Can picture you this summer in your deckchair eating exotic fruit just like Evo, well apart from the mosquitoes. That doesn,t sound so good. What is the temperature there at the moment and what would it normally be?

The weather here now has gone from one extreme to another. Last week snow and ice. Yesterday and today 16/17c and not a cloud in the sky!!

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Joined: Feb 20, 2007
Posts: 339
Location: Vancouver, Canada (zone 8b)

PostPosted: Wed Mar 28, 2007 12:20 pm    Post subject: Re: Changes Wrought By Severe Weather Reply with quote

No, Jekka, apparently no one in the houses but don't know why as it happened late Sunday evening when people would be home. Maybe they heard noises & ran out? The news didn't say. Sad thing is talking to others about this, the town has decided it needs to break down another 3 or 4 houses nearby that are now very unstable.

It's all the news here as the insurance company says this is an "act of God" & so not covered by insurance & the city hall says they shouldn't have to help either. The homeowners said he complained to city hall last fall about small sink holes forming by the ravine at the back of his yard but was ignored. I feel very sorry for the families involved as one family said they weren't even allowed to go back into the house to retrieve a single item since it was so unsafe. Before, in cases like this (fire or floods), people in the community have been very good about pitching in to help in many ways. I know they will be helped but don't know how they'll get new homes to live in with no insurance coverage for what they lost. Sad.

Flood mosquitoes are a species (not malaria or disease carrying - maybe possible for west Nile fever though as it's spreading) that lay their eggs in the wet mud higher along river banks when the waters are VERY high. The eggs stay dormant till the river floods in future years & the eggs can hatch now that water reaches them. They can be dormant for 10-20 years & then hatch when it floods. I found a mosquito bite on me this morning (not flood mosquito yet) - woke up scratching something & then saw it was a bite. Got to get out the catnip spray. Mosquitoes hate it - it repels them better than DEET.

Strange weather you've had, Jekka. I'm sure the plants aren't happy about the swings in temperature. I don't know what Hebe it was as it had no tag & extensive searching didn't say much. I read though that there are hundreds of Hebe cultivars from many hybridizings. Mine had the nicest round plum variegated foliage & bright medium purple spikes of blooms in the fall. Now just a memory & I haven't seen any other like mine around since I'd bought it a few years back. Oh, well...

I'll try to grow almost anything if I can get seeds or cuttings from a plant or fruit. It's a challenge!
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Joined: Dec 07, 2012
Posts: 5

PostPosted: Fri Dec 07, 2012 10:28 am    Post subject: AGARBATTI RAW MATERIAL in bangalore Reply with quote

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