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#1: e four eyes met, the Author: ylq123 PostPosted: Thu Sep 12, 2019 7:41 am
human cuisine. Often the cake is still not cooked, my brother and I are lured by the scent of the bursts of scent, quietly come to a bamboo chair, crept up and grab a little bit to eat from the steamer, not afraid of hot hands, not afraid of the mother's scolding. I have a special liking for sweet-scented osmanthus. Maybe we can't compare osmanthus with delicate peony and gorgeous roses mokingusacigarettes.com, but I admire this faint and simple flower. Although it is inconspicuous, it has accumulated all the power in one year. This golden autumn October, suddenly blooms, bringing people a rich fragrance, adding a charm to this pleasant autumn color. Just like most ordinary people in this world, working hard and pursuing their lives, they are always looking forward to bringing light and heat to the world. I love sweet-scented osmanthus, not only here. In high school, there were two sweet-scented osmanthus trees on campus. It is said to be the same age as the school. When we were studying, we were eight or ninety years old. Now it should be more than one hundred years old. These two osmanthus trees are tall, stout, and leafy, which is rare. At that time, we were buried in the sea every day, living a two-point line of life, from the dormitory to the classroom, and then from the classroom to the dormitory, nervous and busy, with the pressure of the college entrance examination, it seems that there is a feeling of breathlessness. Eating is like snoring. After three meals and five meals, I rushed to the classroom. When I wake up Newport Cigarettes Coupons, I always complain: Why did you just sleep, and the day is bright? Everyday I saw only the teacher��s chalk on the blackboard and wrote it all the time; the teacher��s ��bottom�� glasses had a stern look behind them, the papers flying over the snow flakes, and the books on the desks were like high mountains, so I could not swallow them. Go belly. Only in this floral and elegant season, I was enchanted by this floral fragrance, paralyzed my nerves, relaxed the rhythm, sneaked into the campus and took a walk, chatted, sat down under the tree, and laughed among the classmates, and some even Chasing like a child, there is no sternness and seriousness in the past, and the fragrance of the heart blows away the irritability and depression of the heart, bringing freshness and vitality. In the lush years of the cardamom, the laughter between boys and girls will also make people feel red and heartbeat Online Cigarettes. The eyes followed the shyness and uneasiness of the familiar and energetic figure, and when the four eyes met, the tension smiled and solidified, and then the unintentional look shifted. As time goes by, these have become distant memories. Those people, those things, have long been blurred, and even have no impression, and this memory about sweet-scented osmanthus is always fragrant.

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