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#1: more colorful. In the Qing Author: ylq123 PostPosted: Thu Sep 12, 2019 7:41 am
For the memory of childhood, I started from the old willow tree at the doorstep. Generally speaking, it should be 25 years ago. Twenty-eight years ago, I was born in a remote town in southern Henan, where childhood joy stories happened. Because I have a long 5-year-old brother Cheap Cigarettes, my childhood is full of infinite fun under the leadership of my brother. When we recalled our childhood, we always like to plant trees. We started to plant some peach trees, pear trees, vines, apple trees, etc., and they are mostly fruit trees. This may be due to the fact that we are pouting. Later, what trees were developed like to grow, what poplar, tung, eucalyptus, and eucalyptus, all of which are long leaves. To plant so many trees, we must first have saplings, which are planted every year. Most of the selected saplings are small tree buds that my brother and I moved from the slopes and small rivers. Behind the house, all the places that are a little idle are planted. Dig a small pit, carefully put the small saplings inside, pour a basin of water, then seal the soil; sometimes simply insert the things in the soft mud next to the well Cigarettes For Sale, can not survive, completely do not care This also led my mother to teach me often: "There is a heart to lay eggs, no heart to hold the nest. Fighting to move the stars, the four seasons are also alternating in the happy hours of childhood. When winter comes to spring, when everything is ready, I will inadvertently see the well at the doorstep Cigarettes Online. It��s a willow tree! It��s a willow tree! My brother and I are amazed, more excited. When is it planted? Even we ourselves can��t remember it. My mother told me that I was with my brother three years ago. Pulled out from the riverside, it was only thick as chopsticks, and I never thought it was really alive. You see, now there are wrists thick, and then look at the branches above, it��s also a luxuriant hometown with a farmer��s words: Nine, six or nine by the river to see Liu. After nearly two or three months of loneliness, depression and cold, when the willows are green, spring is here. People see the vitality and hope. The naughty children climb On the branch, fold a few Wicker, braided into a willow hat, made into a squid, playing the joyful and cheerful symphony of the childhood. The willow branches are used to record the time from the small buds to the catkins and then to the flowering process. In March, the sky is blizzard The same Yanghua floats half a small village, which makes this childhood and childhood even more colorful. In the Qingming season, there is a custom of inserting willows in our hometown. There are not many willow trees in our village, and the small willow trees at the doorstep will become The object of sacrifice. The lit
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