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#1: e morning guide on the second da Author: ylq123 PostPosted: Mon Jun 25, 2018 8:57 am
e morning guide on the second day of the morning came to the hotel early to call everyone up Marlboro Gold Pack. After breakfast, the tour guide introduced our approximate itinerary and began a one-week journey Carton Of Newports. The first stop of the trip was the royal palace in Thailand Marlboro Cigarettes. Thailand is not the same as ours. It is a king. The royal palace is also where the king goes to work. Because I have never seen the Thai palace before, I have been thinking about it all the way. What's the difference with Beijing's Forbidden City? After waiting at the destination, you can see the Thai Royal Palace, which has been long for you. It feels like a shock! In front of the imposing palace, it is magnificent and magnificent. The entire building is carved Marlboro Lights, suspended, inlaid and cast. Its structure is also ingenious, and people not only sigh at the superb craftsmanship and wisdom of Thai craftsmen. According to the tour guide, the yellow color on the building of the palace is gilded, and the Buddhas who visited the palace are all decorated with gemstones of various colors. It is worth noting his value here! Thailand is a famous Buddhist country. The Buddha worship is a major tradition in Thailand. Everyone has come from afar and no one has missed the opportunity of worship. So they lined up and went to the palace to worship one by one. Thailand's palaces and temples are not allowed to wear shoes. Every time they enter the room, they must take off their shoes. This is the only place that comes to the palace to feel inconvenient Newport Cigarettes Website. However, as the Romans do, it is customary to spend time and time.

-> Indoor Plants

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