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#1: On the second day, we sacrificed Author: ylq123 PostPosted: Wed Jun 27, 2018 8:20 am
On the second day, we sacrificed the bag and learned about the origin of the bag: bag, also known as "Obo", "brain pack", "heap of children", "piles", "bullet". Refers to the selection of a quiet place in a nomadic area Newport Cigarettes, a heap of stones piled up. The bag, in the eyes of the Mongolian shepherd, is a sacred place, the protector of the prairie. The memorial ceremony is divided into: 1, wine offerings 2, fire offerings 3, jade offerings 4, blood sacrifices. We have adopted the evolution of the fire offerings. We took stones and arranged them in a team to make three rounds around the ��stone coffin�� and threw stones from our hands into the center of the stone coffin. Understand the origins of the "Shangpai meeting" and ask for the peace symbol.ooking at me with a lot of spirits Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online, I rode on a camel, touched the flesh of the "boat in the desert," and wore national costumes Marlboro Red 100S. I was riding a galloping horse. Of course, there were herdsmen.Afterwards, we visited the location of the Wu Masha camel-TV drama Chang Zuolin Cigarette Tobacco For Sale. There are more than a hundred years of eucalyptus trees. Due to desertification, the sand dunes fluctuate. The banyan trees are small and short. It can't be seen for more than a hundred years Wholesale Cigarettes.inally, it's time to say goodbye. I really don't want to leave here, because the beauty of Shanmei, Shuimei and Prairie is more beautiful here.

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