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#1: Therre will be constantly someoone complaining Author: Mmoak2018 PostPosted: Sat Sep 29, 2018 8:33 am
Orochi is a mobbing skill that is usefull but its cast duration is very long making its mob together and tank the damage you receive meanwhile and making its impossible to use in a boss fight. Cause using this ability makes you so vunerable for attacks, adding an iframe for this attack or lowering its cast delay would be very helpfull.Ether Pulse is Kannas teleport skill.

Distance and its range and which Buy MapleStory2 Mesos makes you teleport to the platform are fine, however it has an extensive delay upon casting, making you very slow and at times unable to avoid an attack. Lowering its cast delay is indicated and/or adding freedom abilities to make attacks are avoided by Kanna, because its class that was squishy.

Lets talk about Kannas most important buff Haku's Blessing. Like Color trigger Haku is currently casting most of your buffs from origin Kanna is a course with fans. As a lot of you have discovered, no matter how you change Haku's Blessing the ability is going to be a major effect for the celebration and therre will be constantly someoone complaining. Also there's absolutely no need to discuss the 80% stance and IED effect with the celebration of Kanna.

This ability was in its left and the past itself enthusiast there. In case you have more then 1 Kanna on your party, Haku's Blessing will override each other Official MapleStory 2 Wiki and you end up with the two's weaker buff. You are granted by something quite undesirable and cancelling Haku isn't a option since you wannna make use of the fans Haku.

We want these abilities to be corrected so that we are able to use a more balanced and more aggressive Kanna ability in MapleStory, instead of seeing a weak Kanna class, which will be some players' preferred class in game.

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