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#1: She is an optimistic, straightforward Author: ylq123 PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2019 1:04 am
She is an optimistic, straightforward, confident girl, sometimes rude, but it will bring smiles, a girl who always worries about her weight, who is thinking about losing weight but can't see the actual action Order Newport 100.class is not very serious, sometimes occasionally sleep, or sing for no reason, so that the quiet atmosphere of the class sounds a laugh, but the questions that do not understand will ask, will discuss with classmates, learn while studying, relax when relaxing Maybe she has her method. This person, some thought-provoking, doing things very free and easy, turned and left, is not to think of her footprints. Sometimes I can make unexpected things. She is still a sneak shot master, and she is a sneak shot master in the eyes of classmates. She is very simple and refreshing. She does what she wants to do. She doesn't care about other people's opinions. She doesn't care about any constraints. She does what she wants Marlboro Red 100S Online. Sometimes, I admire her. I really want her to be so free and easy, so confident. Maybe I should learn from her at this point. We have worked together, working together, getting off work, counting together and helping each other to do things. This is an unforgettable experience. I remember one time, because we were working too late, the door was locked, and two people were locked in. We were very anxious at that time, but I don��t know why, in that case, we both laughed. I found the way together and finally got out there. I have experienced a lot of things together Cigarettes Cheap Marlboro 100, beingrl is also a member of the 11 accounting class. I have been a classmate for two years. I have traveled together and climbed the mountain together. It can be said that she has given me a lot of memories and experiences. It is beautiful and enjoyable! She is A very strange, very funny person, when she said thank you, I would add a sentence, that is, you are welcome, which makes me speechless, laughs at her, and says nothing; when others tell her When thanking her Newport 100S Price In Va, her answer also made her feel speechless, surprising and ridiculous. Oh, she is such a girl, it can be said that she is a person who does not care about it. Sometimes the words are awkward, but in fact her heart is not the case. This may be just a way of her aightforward, generous girl, a rude, funny girl, an unbelievable, free and easy girl. I want to tell you: Your life is very exciting, continue to fill up Ciggarettes Marlbore Reds 100 Online, write more of your own wonderful! On the road of sailing, remember, I will always support you, bravely chase your dreams, come to you The destination you want to arrive at. Finally, I wish you a smooth, happy life! A rude and generous girl.

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