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#1: Childhood is a person Author: ylq123 PostPosted: Wed Mar 13, 2019 7:28 am
Childhood is a person's memory is colored, like a shell scattered on the beach; memory is piecemeal Newports Cigarettes Website, like the dream of last night, my childhood is happy, but more is bitter my birth Newport 100S Cigarettes, to the family The happiness brought is short-lived. After being happy, it is a real life. A family of seven people, eating has become a top priority. In those years, the peasants were tied to the land without any freedom. After a hard work year, the earned work is replaced by food, and it is difficult to maintain a livelihood, not to mention the extravagant eggs and meat. Every March and April is the most uncomfortable time for parents. When the food is about to break, the father is always sleepy. Under the dim light, the father smoked cigarettes one by one, while the mother lowered his head and sewed the worn clothes. Occasionally I looked up and said that the situation of the family was better. I could try to borrow some food and finally one day, when I got home, I didn��t see my parents and my older brother. When it was dark, I cried, and my sister told my parents to earn money. That night, looking at the dark roof, I was a little scared to remember how long it was, one night, confused, I heard the voice of my parents. I opened my eyes and saw my father's face, and looked at me the next day. I saw a lot of grass-like things in the yard. Sister told me that it was a reed and a new livelihood was born. Every day, the whole family mobilizes, weaving them into straw curtains with reeds Newport Menthol Cigarettes, and then getting them to the market to sell them. Every once in a while, as long as there is free time, parents will take two brothers to go far away to cut the reeds until I am sensible. The situation has improved, and occasionally I can eat noodles made with cornmeal and wheat noodles. The hardships of life and the hardships of the family have little effect on me. Every day, the little friends get together, catch grass, put sheep, hide and seek, play games. Donggou is our paradise. After lunch every day, I will pull up the sheep, put on the cage, and call the friends to gather the ditch together. At the bottom of the ditch, there is a stream flowing slowly and lush vegetation. The sheep are free to eat grass, and when they are tired, they drink water by the stream. The little friends ran around at the bottom of the ditch, released and forgot everything. Wait until the sun is about to set, then pick up the sickle and find a place where the grass is beautiful. Only a moment later, the cage was filled. Calling the sheep, carrying the cage, talking and laughing at home sheep is a beautiful scene in my childhood memories. Because the family is very busy, raising sheep has become my business. Cutting grass, feeding sheep, and drinking water for the sheep became my main task. Sheep has also become a part of my life. As soon as I saw me, the sheep would scream, especially when I went home in the afternoon. As soon as I whistled, the sheep would run slowly and one day Marlboro Gold Cigarettes. I played back from the outside and found that the sheep were gone. When I asked, I knew that the sheep had been sold. I couldn��t help but cry out. The family looked at me inexplicably. This made me even more sad. I had a lot of stories in my childhood when I was crying and laughing Buy Cigarettes Online Cheap. There is a stream flowing in the east ditch, a mulberry in the south of the road, a jujube tree on the back of Yuanjiaya, and a pod in the field. There are rainwater collected in the pool, empty and sturdy tile kiln, stone shovel with large breeding room, and magnificent wheat grass in front of the storage room. These places have memories of my childhood, my childhood footprint, and me. Childhood, joy, sorrow, joy, childhood is a painting, full of stars, just do not know that one is true to me.

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