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Repotting and Root pruning

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Joined: Jan 24, 2007
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 25, 2007 2:09 pm    Post subject: Repotting and Root pruning Reply with quote

Repotting is is another of those mysterious tricks that it will take you many minutes to master. It can I will admit be a daunting prospect, the thought of ripping your (expensive ?) tree out of the pot, hacking large bits off the roots and forcing back into it's pot, it's not like that at all and it will only benifit the tree.

So why do we repot our trees, is it to keep them small ?. No! limiting their space in a pot and pruning the top will achieve this, repotting is if anything carried out to increase the tree's vigour and maintain it's health.

As the tree grows the roots extend, now, not all of the root is capable of absorbing the nutrients the tree needs to grow, in fact this absorbtion mainly takes place in the tips of the roots. A fair analogy would be if you tried to drink a carton of milk through a 10 Meter long straw. you would need to suck hard to get any benifit. So does the tree!.

Just as pruning the top of the tree produces side buds, root pruning produces side roots, each capable of feeding and watering the tree.

It is not essential that each tree is repotted every year, but you would be unwise to leave a vigourous tree more than two years without a repotting.

Those of you who keep houseplants may wonder why you have never been advised to repot those plants, this is I would suggest down to the fact that most suppliers of houseplants are not aware of the benifits of repotting.
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Joined: May 26, 2008
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PostPosted: Mon May 26, 2008 8:11 am    Post subject: Re: Repotting and Root pruning Reply with quote

When new growth starts in the spring, turn the potted plant upside down and remove the plant, if possible. A plant can be removed easily from its pot if the lip of the upside down container is knocked against any solid object. Hold your hand over the soil, straddling the plant between the fore- and middle-fingers, holding back the soil, and gently knock the rootball out of its present container. If roots are in a solid mass around the rootball, the plant needs to be repotted. A plant also needs to be repotted if roots are growing out of the drainage hole, or if the plant requires frequent watering or wilts shortly after watering.
Repot only as needed during spring and summer while the plant is actively growing. Do not repot ailing or dormant plants or those beginning to flower.
Remove the plant from its pot and gently disturb the root system so that roots are not in a tight rootball. If the roots are too tight to loosen, score the rootball with a knife to loosen them.
For plants in large containers that are impossible to repot, remove the top 2 or 3 inches of soil and replace this with fresh mix every other year or so. This is called topdressing.
Plants are constantly in search of new water rich, nutrient rich material to grow their roots. In the earth this is no problem, roots can travel many tens of feet from the plant stem in search of nutrients and water. In a container the situation is totally different. Roots tend to 'colonize' an area or container. That is, they saturate the container with roots. In some cases they even will push the plant upward from the container by the sheer volume of new roots. When this happens the plant is said to be root bound.
Root pruning can be the scariest aspect of bonsai culture for beginners. It is very difficult to explain how to do it with words. The above guidelines should help, but the best thing to do is watch someone do it before attempting to do it yourself. This is where a bonsai club can really help. If you cannot locate a club in your area, see if you find someone with experience who can help you the first time. After this, take small steps to gain confidence and you will be soon have the craft mastered.
If you to want to get more information about the respective or any other topic you can visit site. I have referred the sites to too many friends and they are highly satisfied with the service level of that company.
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