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The unit cell is a body-ce

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 11, 2019 7:12 am    Post subject: The unit cell is a body-ce Reply with quote

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Electronic layer: K-L-M-N
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Oxidation state: MainCr+3
OtherCr-2, Cr-1, Cr0 Jace Sternberger Youth Jersey , Cr+1, Cr+2, Cr+4, Cr+5, Cr+6
Electronegativity: 1.66
Peripheral electronic layout: 3d5 4s1 extra-core electronic layout: 2#7,8#13,1
Isotope and radiation: Cr-49[42.3m] Cr-50 Cr-51[27.7d] *Cr-52 Cr-53 Cr-54

Electron affinity and energy: 0 KJ路mol-1
First ionization energy: 653 KJ路mol-1
Second ionization energy: 1592 KJ路mol-1
Third ionization energy: 2987 KJ路mol-1
Solid density: 7.19 gcm3
Liquid density: 6.9gcm3
Specific heat: 448Jkg.K (300K).
Thermal conductivity: 90.7Wm.K (300K).
Elemental melting point: 1857.0 掳C Elemental boiling point: 2672.0 掳C
Atomic radius: 1.85 angstroms Radius: 0.62 (+3) angstroms
Covalent radius: 1.18 angstroms

Cell parameters:
a = 291 pm
b = 291 pm
c = 291 pm
伪 = 90掳
尾 = 90掳
纬 = 90掳
Mohs hardness: 9

Ionization energy (kJ mol)
M - M+ 652.7
M+ - M2+ 1592
M2+ - M3+ 2987
M3+ - M4+ 4740
M4+ - M5+ 6690
M5+ - M6+ 8738
M6+ - M7+ 15550
M7+ - M8+ 17830
M8+ - M9+ 20220
M9+ - M10+ 23580

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