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07-May-2019 10:03:39
Allovevirginhair: hello
09-Apr-2019 08:48:34
Marcus: Hi guys!
02-Sep-2016 10:03:34
Tedus: how are you ? Smile Very Happy
04-Nov-2015 07:09:02
Marcus: Hi Tedus
24-Jun-2015 08:16:09
Tedus: Someone on forum???
14-Feb-2015 16:58:39
plantsandstuff: i need a plant identified
08-Dec-2012 17:42:05
Marcus: almost Smile
27-Oct-2012 18:29:42
Pljoska: is someone there Smile
28-May-2012 02:54:58
Marcus: Hello people Smile
01-Apr-2012 13:34:46
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emojitv: 07-May-2019 10:03:39

Allovevirginhair: 09-Apr-2019 08:48:34

Marcus: 02-Sep-2016 10:03:34
Hi guys!

Tedus: 04-Nov-2015 07:09:02
how are you ? Smile Very Happy

Marcus: 24-Jun-2015 08:16:09
Hi Tedus

Tedus: 14-Feb-2015 16:58:39
Someone on forum???

plantsandstuff: 08-Dec-2012 17:42:05
i need a plant identified

Marcus: 27-Oct-2012 18:29:42
almost Smile

Pljoska: 28-May-2012 02:54:58
is someone there Smile

Marcus: 01-Apr-2012 13:34:46
Hello people Smile

lifecellskin: 31-Mar-2011 10:27:26

Marcus: 05-Jan-2011 18:08:20
Hi Joyful Razz

Joyful-Garden: 02-Jan-2011 18:05:34
I love my indoor herb garden

Joyful-Garden: 29-Dec-2010 18:19:33
How do I add link on my signature ?

Marcus: 13-Nov-2010 17:14:18
HI bobplumerias Bye

Marcus: 28-Oct-2010 16:30:12
Welcome Pljoska Cool

Pljoska: 28-Oct-2010 03:09:07
marko thank u for telling me about this site greetings to all Smile

Marcus: 27-Aug-2010 19:23:14
Hi Rick Bye Ok.. I will. Thanks

ricknfresno: 26-Aug-2010 14:45:50
Marko, have them take out the blank spaces to get the website

ricknfresno: 26-Aug-2010 14:44:38
Marko, thanks for reminding me of your group and joining PlantSwap. we have members from USA and many international countries. tell your members http://groups.yaho wap come visit. rick, we will tell them about Plantsworld too

ricknfresno: 25-Aug-2010 23:30:14
hey Marcus, Rick here in Petaluma Calif USA Very Happy

Marcus: 22-Aug-2010 14:56:40

Marcus: 19-Dec-2009 00:00:38
yes of course

Laburnocytissus: 31-Oct-2009 05:06:23
Any members check here anymore?

Laburnocytissus: 11-Jun-2009 23:25:37
have most members of this group moved elsewhere? Some areas most recent messages are from 2007!

Marcus: 14-Apr-2009 21:37:06
hi aliallami Smile How are you ?

aliallami: 31-Mar-2009 14:43:11

GwenF: 27-Feb-2009 03:10:42
Hey there!!

Marcus: 16-Feb-2009 09:23:56
hi Rastko

Rastko: 03-Feb-2009 12:23:48

Marcus: 02-Dec-2008 19:34:59
hi srinath Wink 28-Sep-2008 13:44:53
hi friends

Isomorphix: 31-Mar-2008 20:43:10
Getting better, Kuchlar. Thanks for caring. Yes, winter is strange. We have cherry trees in bloom, daffodils & other spring flowers & then it snows!!! Only a little but it should be warm, not like this. Oh well, for us here, spring is the crazy season - anything goes!

kuchlar: 28-Mar-2008 15:35:45
huh, winter is for everyone kind of depressing, here in macedonia we are dealing with very very cold spring, firstly it was very very warm and now is snowing..the deasaster is that i have planted many seeds and tender bulbs....iso hope that you are ok now Sad

Isomorphix: 26-Mar-2008 20:37:15
Hi Jekka. I've been holed up this winter, dealing with MAJOR depression. Just starting to surface now. It's ok - I'm used to winter SAD but had extra things happen plus the worse winter in many years so was worse this time. Hope to be around more in the future. Neutral

Jekka: 26-Mar-2008 20:26:10
Iso!! Where have you been?!

evodevo: 04-Mar-2008 18:53:59
Helo Kuchlar and Sladolez, It is really good to see both of you here.

Sladolez: 01-Mar-2008 02:09:32
Hallo to all! Where are you people? I hope your plants are lush Smile Greetings

kuchlar: 25-Feb-2008 11:38:55
hey evo! nice seeing you again Smile

evodevo: 24-Feb-2008 18:42:37
My friends, I am back. I am happy to see you still here.

Amalie63: 18-Feb-2008 13:13:43
Hello, anyone out there? Bye

Jekka: 25-Jan-2008 15:52:31
Hi and goodnight Bye

Marcus: 25-Jan-2008 05:48:59
hi Bye

evodevo: 13-Jan-2008 08:14:13
Greetings everyone, Happy holidays.

Jekka: 07-Jan-2008 12:55:24
Hello everyone and Happy New Year. Very Happy

Sladolez: 31-Dec-2007 04:12:38
Thank you friends. I have the best wishes for all of you around the world. Have wonderful holidays! Very Happy Bye

kuchlar: 30-Dec-2007 14:41:16
happy holidays!!! :bye2

evodevo: 27-Dec-2007 07:32:41
Happy holidays to all.

Marcus: 09-Dec-2007 08:15:15
Hi Jekka , how are you ?

Jekka: 21-Nov-2007 10:53:42
Hi Marcus. Bye

Marcus: 21-Nov-2007 09:01:22

Jekka: 14-Nov-2007 23:42:36
Hello everyone Very Happy hopefully will have time to come on here this evening

evodevo: 14-Nov-2007 19:01:07
Hi Marcus, I am fine. I have been very busy at the university. But soon, I will be here more.

Marcus: 14-Nov-2007 02:34:30
helo Evo Wink How are you ?

evodevo: 13-Nov-2007 06:13:03
Hello my friends.

weeweehead: 09-Nov-2007 09:38:24
hey noob

rjbarrios94: 06-Nov-2007 06:49:08
im kooliooo! yes i am!!

rjbarrios94: 06-Nov-2007 06:47:58

Marcus: 05-Nov-2007 10:07:43
Hello people Bye

Isomorphix: 03-Nov-2007 13:23:26
Hi Kuchlar! Very Happy See my question to you about bauhinia under trees, please.

kuchlar: 03-Nov-2007 11:03:43
we are hre iso Smile greetings from Macedonia..i have planted some bauhinia seeds and one have sprouted Smile

Isomorphix: 29-Oct-2007 22:00:06
Where is everyone? Summer is long gone here & I was hoping more would be back posting again.

Marcus: 24-Oct-2007 08:00:20
Welcome Linjoh Bye

Isomorphix: 23-Oct-2007 16:01:20
I'm finally back with my own computer! Hope to be posting more again. Laughing

Sladolez: 20-Oct-2007 01:08:12
I miss you people. Bye

Isomorphix: 10-Oct-2007 09:46:43
Hi everyone! I miss being able to check in daily. Hope to have my pc set up by end of month. Miss everyone too! don't let those vultures get close, Evo. Shocked

evodevo: 02-Oct-2007 19:05:06
Greetings my friends, I am still alive (although the vultures are circling).

kuchlar: 24-Sep-2007 07:32:44
hey Jekaaa nice seeing ypu!!!!! Very Happy

evodevo: 22-Sep-2007 00:19:25
I am fine, Marcus, thanks for asking. Hi jekka, wonderful to see you.

Marcus: 20-Sep-2007 10:48:23
Hi Jekkaaaaaaaaaa Bye

Jekka: 20-Sep-2007 10:03:06

Marcus: 18-Sep-2007 23:10:34
Hi evo Smile How are you ?

evodevo: 18-Sep-2007 02:56:09
And hello also to Maja.

evodevo: 17-Sep-2007 21:33:01
Hello Sladolez, Marcus, kuchlar, Laburnocytissus, and all others. I am back for a while.

Maja: 17-Sep-2007 03:14:00
Hi, Marcus! Mr. Green

Marcus: 16-Sep-2007 12:59:27
Hi Maja Razz

kuchlar: 15-Sep-2007 06:38:50
here am i Smile !!

Laburnocytissus: 11-Sep-2007 07:26:02
Where is everyone? Crying or Very sad

Marcus: 08-Sep-2007 02:50:00
Hello everybody Bye

Sladolez: 26-Aug-2007 10:36:19
Yes, evodevo, I am very happy person and my thoughts are also happy. Very Happy

evodevo: 15-Aug-2007 03:02:00
Hello Sladolez, yes, very sunny and very hot. Thank you for asking. I hope your day is filled with happy thoughts.

Gerris2: 14-Aug-2007 13:09:40
Hi Jekka, where is everyone? Razz

Sladolez: 14-Aug-2007 12:34:42
Hallo, evodevo, do you have a sunny afternoon? Bye

Maja: 14-Aug-2007 11:35:24
Hi, Slads, long time no see!

Sladolez: 14-Aug-2007 11:30:50
Hi, my dear Maja! Bye

Isomorphix: 10-Aug-2007 23:39:12
Ah, I guess as garden season winds down more, we'll all be here more. Nice to see old friends drop by! Mr. Green

Sladolez: 10-Aug-2007 04:37:45
I also missed you, evodevo. I like when I see you here. I hope you have nice days with friends (and plants). Bye

evodevo: 08-Aug-2007 16:33:18
Hi Sladolez, It is wonderful to see you again. I have really missed you. Hello Iso, Jekka, amante, kulchar, and all others.

Sladolez: 04-Aug-2007 23:40:56
Thank you Iso, I am glad to see you, as always Bye

Isomorphix: 04-Aug-2007 14:29:55
Welcome back, dear Slad! So good to see you posting again. It's been very quiet & lonely here. Razz

Sladolez: 04-Aug-2007 10:57:01
Dear people, I just want to say hallo, after long time. I've missed you all. Jekka, did you have been in Costa Rican beaches for vacation?

evodevo: 29-Jul-2007 06:38:02
Glad to see you are alive and well, kuchlar. Sorry to hear you are working (unless, of course, you like the job). I took the summer off.

kuchlar: 29-Jul-2007 04:51:02
hello gang Smile hope ypu are fine... i have started working so i dont have much time..

Isomorphix: 27-Jul-2007 12:40:12
Evo, are you back in CR or in the US again? I hope you can go home for a long stay soon!

Isomorphix: 26-Jul-2007 11:38:29
Hi Evo, Jekka, Marcus, & all others! Finally, sunshine again & it's very warm but NOT hot!!! Hurray! Mosquitoes still as thick as hairs on a dog though. Evil or Very Mad

Marcus: 26-Jul-2007 11:19:12
SvetBiljaka have problem with hosting, so I made redirection to this site Mr. Green I hope it would be solved soon.

evodevo: 24-Jul-2007 17:03:23
Okay, Jekka. I will get it done this week. I promise. It is very good to see you are still around. Have you grown gills?

Jekka: 24-Jul-2007 12:47:18
So where is the recipe then evo? Tufa not food!! Mr. Green

evodevo: 24-Jul-2007 02:06:58
Suzanne, have you found any more unusual plants?

evodevo: 24-Jul-2007 02:03:36
Iso, it's good to read your posts again.

evodevo: 24-Jul-2007 02:00:03
Jekka, I am very concerned for you with the recent flooding. Please tell me how you are doing.

Isomorphix: 23-Jul-2007 11:47:53
Came to answer some posts. No one around. Everyone busy or having fun outside?

Jekka: 17-Jul-2007 13:50:06
My son had his end of school proma and then the following weekend we had a party for him and 60! other teenagers. My other son also had a school tripp to France so I had to get him ready for that so I have been too busy!

evodevo: 17-Jul-2007 03:47:21
Jekka, I am so happy to see you here. Things have been very quiet lately. This week, I will post the hypertufa info I have promised in the past.

Jekka: 16-Jul-2007 13:19:28
I'm back evo. Where is everyone else? Rolling Eyes

evodevo: 13-Jul-2007 15:26:35
Jekka, Iso, amante, maja, kuchlar, where are you guys?

esperanza_florist: 10-Jul-2007 12:13:37
u can send me SMS to +62-85693675870. I'm in Indonesia

esperanza_florist: 10-Jul-2007 12:11:41
hei. want to know about plant called aglaonema? it's from Indonesia

Isomorphix: 09-Jul-2007 10:20:08
Our weather has turned seriously HOT! Temps for the next while going to be 35 C!!! Too hot now.

Isomorphix: 03-Jul-2007 19:37:32
Ha! That's just what I was coming on to post about, Evo. The mosquito deluge!

evodevo: 03-Jul-2007 03:54:56
Likewise here, Iso. Now, of course, the mosquito population is exploding.

Isomorphix: 02-Jul-2007 10:58:08
I love rain. Evo or I wouldn't live in our temperate rainforest area. Very Happy But the amounts of rain or lack of rain around the world lately is UNREAL!! is unreal

evodevo: 02-Jul-2007 09:51:13
Hello Iso, I do rather like the rain. It rains in CR most every day, at least where I am located. However, here in US it is a problem.

Isomorphix: 02-Jul-2007 09:43:00
Looks like my rain dance for others was TOO efrective! We've had 3 days now with no rain & I've spent as much time outside as possible. Poor Jekka! All that rain gets one down, doesn't it?

evodevo: 02-Jul-2007 09:39:04
Jekka, it is raining here in central US also. It has rained for eighteen days in a row.

Jekka: 02-Jul-2007 07:25:12
Hello everybody. Guess what. ITS STILL RAINING!! Very sad

evodevo: 27-Jun-2007 19:41:47
Hi Nancy, nice to see you.

evodevo: 27-Jun-2007 19:40:57
Jekka my friend, it is true. I do love a bit of vino or beer though it plays havoc wit mi speling.

Jekka: 27-Jun-2007 10:09:58
I am still here evo but you are here when I have gone to bed and I seriously think you are turning into a lush! Laughing

evodevo: 26-Jun-2007 17:09:27
Bugger, I misspelled "mispelled&qu ot;. Now I know I've had too much wine. It is really good though so I'll probably have more.

evodevo: 26-Jun-2007 17:06:51
I mispelled Amante, too much wine I guess.

evodevo: 26-Jun-2007 17:05:46
Jekka and Iso, Maja and Ananet, where are you?

evodevo: 26-Jun-2007 06:31:01
Greetings Marcus, you keep making excellent improvements. I really like the new look.

Maja: 25-Jun-2007 04:16:02
I know, so does "last posts" section. To bad!

evodevo: 24-Jun-2007 17:11:18
Strange, the mini chat seems to be censoring the word though I'm not really sure why.

evodevo: 24-Jun-2007 17:09:29
Nice to see you too, Maja. The last message should have said "do(edited)ent&quo t; instead of do(edited)ent.

evodevo: 24-Jun-2007 17:07:43
This week, I will do(edited)ent the hypertufa techniques I use and will post the protocol in Miscellaneous for those who are interested.

Maja: 24-Jun-2007 17:03:55
Hi, evo, nice to see you here! Smile

evodevo: 24-Jun-2007 17:00:44
Hello Maja and dbosblonde. Hope all is well with you.

Jekka: 21-Jun-2007 12:22:15
Iso. Now where are you? Rolling Eyes

gary: 21-Jun-2007 09:35:45
thank you maja yes it is a little crazy here but i am very adaptable and i learn the rules fast yes it is a huge change,but i only need a motorbike now and ill see more of the surrounding areas freely Smile

Maja: 21-Jun-2007 08:04:50
Well, welcome, gary!It must have been a huge change for you to move from Scotland to belgrade!Anyway, welcome to our crazy part of the world! Smile

gary: 21-Jun-2007 06:14:58
yes i am dundee to be precise but of course i got married and my wife is from the belgrde area and so i liked it here weather wise and so moved here

Marcus: 20-Jun-2007 10:58:50
Very good! Wink Gary, You are originally from Scotland?

gary: 20-Jun-2007 09:17:30
i see you are located in Belgrade so are we

gary: 20-Jun-2007 09:16:03
im fine marcus how are you

Marcus: 20-Jun-2007 08:52:49
welcome gary Bye How are you?

Maja: 20-Jun-2007 05:31:04
fine, thanx! painting the buttons! Laughing

kuchlar: 20-Jun-2007 03:41:14
hey maja how are you.. :)!

evodevo: 19-Jun-2007 07:20:55
Yes, I'm back in US. I am attending the Botany 2007 meeting in Chicago in a few weeks, then back to CR for a short stay before the fall semester starts at the university where I teach.

Maja: 19-Jun-2007 06:50:37
(it's not evening yet, the sun will be shining for 3 more hours! Wink )

Maja: 19-Jun-2007 06:49:29
hi, evo, I am, thank you! are you still in the States?

evodevo: 19-Jun-2007 06:36:30
Hello Maja, I hope you are having a nice day(evening?).

Isomorphix: 15-Jun-2007 21:57:37
Jekka, river's going down. No chance of flooding now unless a sudden hot spell melts the snowpack fast.

sheriontheroad: 13-Jun-2007 07:05:13
Thanks, I plan on going back. I'll let you know. Appreciate the offer.

evodevo: 13-Jun-2007 06:56:10
Perhaps you will visit CR again in the future? If so, let me know and I can suggest some very interesting, less known places to see.

sheriontheroad: 13-Jun-2007 06:50:31
Mobile, Alabama. I was in CR briefly last fall and LOVED it. We kayaked a river and saw all manner of flora and fauna (sloths). I know why you love it.

evodevo: 13-Jun-2007 06:38:27
Not quickly enough. I just returned from CR 4 days ago and I'm already homesick. Where are you located?

sheriontheroad: 13-Jun-2007 06:33:26
OK to CR? What a shock to the system, heres hoping your time in OK goes quickly!

evodevo: 13-Jun-2007 06:30:54
I am presently in Oklahoma. I will be here until December after which I will be back in Costa Rica for good.

sheriontheroad: 13-Jun-2007 05:52:01
EvoDevo Where in the states are you? Back in Florida?

sheriontheroad: 13-Jun-2007 05:38:54
Thanks evodevo

evodevo: 13-Jun-2007 05:17:28
Welcome sheriontheroad.

evodevo: 12-Jun-2007 22:34:28
Greetings Marcus. I hope things are well in Serbia. Thanks for the very useful forum information.

Marcus: 12-Jun-2007 13:25:35
Hi Jekka Very Happy

Jekka: 12-Jun-2007 13:24:43
Hi and Bye Marcus Bye

Isomorphix: 12-Jun-2007 09:27:54
Jekka, for now river is dropping a bit. Still 60% snowpack left to melt but things stabilizing for now.

Jekka: 11-Jun-2007 13:16:33
Iso why haven't you posted today? Rolling Eyes

kuchlar: 11-Jun-2007 05:15:39
hi richard :bye2 !!

Isomorphix: 09-Jun-2007 22:44:26
Yes, Jekka. Still here. River's rising slowly. Some places are flooded in th elow lying areas. I'm worried about Ian as I read about the storms Australia's had on its east coast.

evodevo: 09-Jun-2007 16:58:12
Hello my friends. I'm sad to say, I'm back in USA. I had the best time in CR seeing many unique ecosystems, wonderful plants, birds and animals. I will share some of these experiences shortly.

Jekka: 09-Jun-2007 11:00:58
Still with us then Iso

Isomorphix: 08-Jun-2007 16:55:43
Still okay. River continues to rise. Just have to wait & see.

Isomorphix: 07-Jun-2007 09:15:45
Already flooding in some low lying places. See my post in "Today"

Jekka: 07-Jun-2007 09:08:52
Hi Iso. How you doing?

Maja: 02-Jun-2007 13:58:25
Good evening, evo! Smile

Maja: 02-Jun-2007 13:52:30
Thanx, Iso, I was about to ask you all for your opinion but seems like I've got the answers before even asking you! I'm really glad you like it!

Isomorphix: 01-Jun-2007 08:36:48
VERY nice job, Maja! Very Happy I thought it was Marcus too who did it. It was a wonderful idea. Brightens the site very nicely!!

kuchlar: 01-Jun-2007 00:49:43
hello jeff!! Smile

Jekka: 31-May-2007 06:52:33
NO!! looks lovely Mr. Green

Maja: 31-May-2007 05:35:57
I thought we needed flowers here, everything seemed so pale whithout them, don't you think? (If you don't like it, I can, of course, change it! Mr. Green ).

Jekka: 31-May-2007 04:56:24
Oh Embarassed Nicely done Maja

Jekka: 31-May-2007 04:55:35

Maja: 31-May-2007 04:27:06
Smile I was the "painter" ; this time, Jekka :mrgreen" , I'm glas you like it!

Jekka: 31-May-2007 00:29:32
Nice change on the header Marcus

jcaki: 29-May-2007 22:03:08
Hello Marcus!!! Bye

Jekka: 28-May-2007 13:45:31
Hello Tropifauna How are you? Very Happy

Jekka: 28-May-2007 13:44:45
Hi Blush and welcome to forum. Hope you enjoy it here Bye

Blush802: 28-May-2007 10:47:52
Hello from Ky i am new here just want to say hi to all

Jekka: 27-May-2007 23:00:38
Morning Jeff Bye

Jekka: 27-May-2007 13:28:55
Hi Maja. How are the sinuses? Hope you feel better now.

Marcus: 27-May-2007 08:59:29
Welcome to site mimie ! Bye

Isomorphix: 23-May-2007 08:09:52
Hi, Maja! I guess I had disappeared. Hello all my other friends too!! Glad you're home, now Evo. Happy for you... Very Happy

kuchlar: 23-May-2007 05:43:47
huh sorry maja sinuses can be very nasty..

Maja: 23-May-2007 05:04:58
Hi, kuch! Fine, thanx, though suffering form sinus headache today! Sad

kuchlar: 23-May-2007 04:57:04
hey maja how are you.. Smile

Maja: 22-May-2007 13:54:13
Hi, Iso! You havent't disapeared yet- it's a good sign! Mr. Green

evodevo: 22-May-2007 13:35:57
Likewise, Jekka. Next week, I will be in remote areas and out of contact with the outside world. Now, I'm in San Jose enjoying food, friends, and excellent beer.

evodevo: 22-May-2007 12:04:16
Hello from Costa Rica, my friends. Life is good.

Jekka: 22-May-2007 12:01:20
EVO Mr. Green Nice to see you again.

Jekka: 22-May-2007 11:47:07
Lsaliba. Long time no see! Bye

Jekka: 21-May-2007 13:23:37
Evo hope you are home and happy and we will see you again soon on the forum Mr. Green

Isomorphix: 21-May-2007 11:20:22
So if no one hears from me for a long while, the reason is no electricity. Won't likely peak for another 2 weeks.

Isomorphix: 21-May-2007 11:19:11
All ready except I keep collecting more water. Otherwise, I think I have everything we need for a month if need be.

Jekka: 21-May-2007 11:15:48
Hope you are prepared Iso.

Isomorphix: 21-May-2007 11:06:41
Hi, Jekka. Stopped raining today but no sun. River's getting higher!!

Jekka: 21-May-2007 02:19:28
Hi again maja Bye See you later

Maja: 21-May-2007 01:15:15
Thax. Nice to see all of you too.

Jekka: 20-May-2007 15:48:37
Well its lovely to have you back and nice pics! Applause

Maja: 20-May-2007 15:16:54
Hi, Jekka! My sister is graduating highschool these days- I came to visit her&my parents. Smile

Jekka: 20-May-2007 14:56:24
Hi maja where have you been? Rolling Eyes Bye

Isomorphix: 20-May-2007 14:25:26
Oh sure, Evo - basking in paradise while it continues to pour rain here. Wink I can imagine how nice it will be to be home again! Applause

Sladolez: 20-May-2007 10:52:46
Evo, have a nice trip and pleasant flight! Bye

Jekka: 20-May-2007 10:51:48
Hi slad how are you? Bye

evodevo: 20-May-2007 01:08:28
My friends, I leave for paradise. Where I am located in CR, the daily temps are day 75°F (24°C) and night 68°F (20°C). How perfect is that?

Isomorphix: 19-May-2007 21:12:20
Evo, will you be home Sunday or Monday? Our ears are listening for that shout of happiness from you when you land back home. We'll hear it around the world. Very Happy

Isomorphix: 19-May-2007 21:10:19
Rained heavily most of the day. The river continues to rise. SHould peak around the end of the month or 1st week in June. Everyone's waiting to see if the dikes will be breached.

amante: 19-May-2007 02:37:17
Yes, Isomorphix, The Maltese site is very informative and professionally made. But it has only a few wild plants. Data is added from time to time but it is taking a long time when one considers the time it has been running.

Isomorphix: 18-May-2007 18:52:10
I'm excited for you, Evo. Excited & happy. When you're biting into that first fruit with juice running down your chin, think of us. Applause

evodevo: 18-May-2007 16:22:32
Two days!!!

Isomorphix: 18-May-2007 10:33:54
Hi, Marcus! I just finished my lunch so I guess that means I should get back to work. Hope your day has gone well!

Isomorphix: 18-May-2007 10:32:25
Yes, that's the site< Amante. From the view of one who lives in Malta, is it a pretty good site?

amante: 18-May-2007 10:24:19
Hi Iso, In which forum did you placed the link? I know of one site called m

Jekka: 18-May-2007 10:16:12
I was just thinking the same. Is this the way mods should act? I think not! That was fuuny though.

Isomorphix: 18-May-2007 10:15:09
Hi Amante! Did you see the link I gave about wild plants of Malta?

Isomorphix: 18-May-2007 10:14:11
Okay, maybe we should act sane before we scare everyone away. Wink

Isomorphix: 18-May-2007 10:13:14
Waahaa! Very sad My twin doesn't love me any more! Very sad

Jekka: 18-May-2007 10:10:12
I have never met you(that is true) and if you don't stop stalking me I will have to call the police! Laughing

Isomorphix: 18-May-2007 09:56:16
Jekka, it's me, your long lost crazy twin!! Whistling

Jekka: 18-May-2007 09:39:33
Who are you? Rolling Eyes Laughing

Isomorphix: 18-May-2007 09:25:48
Jekka, we'd have fun working in our gardens together. "Die, weed, DIE!!", maybe you wouldn't want to say you know me. Whistling

Jekka: 18-May-2007 09:09:45
Hello Smartyplantz Mr. Green

Jekka: 18-May-2007 09:07:50
Exhausted, worn to the bone etc. Did 6 hours today. Pruning, weeding, planting. You name it I did it!

Isomorphix: 18-May-2007 09:02:41
I'm going to later this afternoon. Got a doc's appointment (just a prescrip renewal to stock up in case of flood), then out to the garden!! Can't get all grubby before the appointment. --- What's shattered mean? Question For me, it means emotionally hit hard.

Jekka: 18-May-2007 09:00:06
too shattered to garden. are you gardening today?

Isomorphix: 18-May-2007 08:50:14
Hope you had a nice supper, Jekka. Are you getting settled for the evening or going out in your garden later?

Jekka: 18-May-2007 08:44:50
Good evening Iso. It is 18.45 here

Isomorphix: 18-May-2007 08:43:06
Morning, Jekka! My 'baby' is 25 & he's anything but a baby. I don't mind growing older except I'm not quite as strong as before. That I HATE. So don't feel bad - I'm older than you.

Jekka: 17-May-2007 12:57:56
Iso it was my sons last day at school today! I cannot believe how quick he has grown up. Makes me feel so old!

Jekka: 17-May-2007 12:53:22
Nearly iso. at the third stroke it will be 22.54 precisely Mr. Green

Isomorphix: 17-May-2007 12:27:26
Jekka, isn't it past your bedtime? It's 2:36 afternoon here. Whistling

Sladolez: 17-May-2007 11:11:12
I have a practice here with you all and I forge ahead Very Happy

Jekka: 17-May-2007 11:01:57
Perfect slad. Applause Have you been practising?

Sladolez: 17-May-2007 10:48:37
Hi Jekka, enjoy a sunny day and birds singing! Your plants are happy after rain, aren't they? (Is my last sentence correct?)

Jekka: 17-May-2007 10:39:26
good evening slad and marcus Very Happy and a lovely eveing it is. The rain has stopped the sun is shining and the birds are singing...lovely!

Sladolez: 17-May-2007 10:35:10
Thanks Iso,have a nice and sunny day! Here is already evening Sad

Isomorphix: 17-May-2007 10:21:03
Hi, Slad! You just came on as I'm going off. Got to get work done around here. Enjoy your day!!

Sladolez: 17-May-2007 10:19:26
Hallo dear friends, wherever you are! Bye

Isomorphix: 17-May-2007 10:10:38
Hey! Party time - 4 members online at one time! Hi everyone!!

evodevo: 16-May-2007 21:50:46
Now three days, Jekka. The first thing I will do is have red snapper with coconut and lime and a Costa Rican beer. Pure heaven.

evodevo: 16-May-2007 13:52:30
Four days, Jekka. I can hardly wait.

Jekka: 16-May-2007 12:45:58
How many days now evo?

evodevo: 16-May-2007 12:40:26
Hi Maja, I hope you are well.

Jekka: 16-May-2007 11:51:20
Hi Marcus Bye

evodevo: 16-May-2007 04:32:16
Hi amante, is Fenestraria self-pollinating?

evodevo: 16-May-2007 04:29:43
Hi brassi, how are you?

brassi: 16-May-2007 02:22:17

evodevo: 15-May-2007 19:30:35
Sorry Jekka, I was out getting some more beer. It is a wheat beer and is quite nice.

Jekka: 15-May-2007 15:51:21
You dissapeared again! I wish you would stop doing that Laughing Just wanted to know if it was a good time for beer drinking or you were having a beer for b/fast! It is nearly 2am I must go bed!!!

Jekka: 15-May-2007 15:47:16
Mr. Green I quite like the name Jikka. What time is it for you evo?

evodevo: 15-May-2007 15:42:37
Jekka, I also had some beer and that's why I spelled your name "Jikka". The beer was good also.

evodevo: 15-May-2007 15:41:23
Jikka, I had blackened salmon for supper. It was really good.

Jekka: 15-May-2007 10:11:49
Hi evo. no, salmon yum!

evodevo: 15-May-2007 10:09:36
Hi Jekka, are you eating kidney pie tonight?

Bili: 15-May-2007 08:50:34
hi Jekka Bye

Jekka: 15-May-2007 08:40:46
Hello everybody! Don't go away Just got to eat my tea! Bye

Isomorphix: 15-May-2007 08:37:16
Good morning, Bili & Marcus! Notice I got your name right this time, Bili? Razz

Marcus: 13-May-2007 13:36:51
Hi Jekka Bye Yes.. this works like I wrote there Smile

Jekka: 13-May-2007 13:35:35
Hi marcus Bye Thats why gerris' message didn't go.

Gerris2: 13-May-2007 10:43:32
The messages don't appear to have been sent yet. You got the PM however. I followed your advice and will wait to hear from him. thanks!

Jekka: 13-May-2007 10:34:17
Gerris has it sent yet? It may just take time.

Gerris2: 13-May-2007 10:16:33
Hi Jekka, good evening! Bye

evodevo: 13-May-2007 10:12:09
Jekka, but of course! I knew you would have the answer. Now, it's your turn again.

Jekka: 13-May-2007 10:07:57
Evo I got it right then? and Hi Gerris Bye

Jekka: 13-May-2007 02:09:49
Hi Kuchlar. Sorry didn't see you!

kuchlar: 13-May-2007 00:03:28
hello Jekka... :)!!!! nice seeing you!!

evodevo: 12-May-2007 20:33:26
Hi Sladolez, we have missed you very much.

Jekka: 12-May-2007 12:58:44
Iso wikipedia plant thingy Whoopee!!

Sladolez: 12-May-2007 11:16:40
Hallo my friends!I hope you are well Bye

Blaisepereira: 12-May-2007 11:10:46
Hi Iso n Slad Smile It's hot here, perfect cacti Wx Smile

Isomorphix: 12-May-2007 10:58:54
Hi, Blaise & Slad!! Hope your day is nice where you are. Razz

evodevo: 12-May-2007 04:26:25
Hi Jekka, I hope your day is nice.

jal007reddy: 12-May-2007 03:01:45
Thank you Not Worthy

Jekka: 12-May-2007 02:57:17
Great pictures jal00 Applause

Marcus: 12-May-2007 02:06:59
Thank you Evo Wink

evodevo: 11-May-2007 21:13:07
Marcus, your new web layout is very nice.

evodevo: 11-May-2007 18:23:44
Jekka, very nice riddle. Let me know if I solved it. Also, I posted a new riddle (in Miscelaneous)

Jekka: 11-May-2007 11:02:59
Hi Blaise Bye

Marcus: 11-May-2007 10:41:07
Hi Blaisepereira! Bye

Blaisepereira: 11-May-2007 10:26:30
Hi Iso, Jekka, Marcus, best wishes fm Mumbai

evodevo: 11-May-2007 09:12:06
Hi Jekka, none for the last day. Four days ago there were over 70 in the central plains area.

evodevo: 11-May-2007 08:45:33
Hello my friends. Please try my new riddle in Miscellaneous.

Jekka: 11-May-2007 08:44:45
Evo Bye Any more tornados?

Bili: 11-May-2007 08:34:56
I'am a girl, and my nick name is Bili Wink

Isomorphix: 11-May-2007 08:30:43
Hello Bill!! Razz

Bili: 11-May-2007 07:55:08
Hello everybody Bye

Isomorphix: 11-May-2007 07:49:36
Hi, Jekka! Going to be very warm today - both good (for me) & bad (increases ris of flooding). Glad to hear it's still raining for you.

Jekka: 11-May-2007 07:46:12
Hi iso and bili Bye

Jekka: 11-May-2007 07:43:27
Oh and hope you get rain soon too!

Jekka: 11-May-2007 07:42:58
You changed it when I was PMing! Didn't notice til I posted. Looks pretty cool Cool

Marcus: 11-May-2007 06:57:58
How do you like new design of site?

Marcus: 11-May-2007 06:19:13
Cool Razz We need rain too Very sad But here is warmer and warmer

Jekka: 11-May-2007 06:16:06
Im happy. It is still raining and we needed it so much.

Marcus: 11-May-2007 06:11:53
Hi Jekka! Bye Good.. and you ?

Jekka: 11-May-2007 06:00:23
Hi marcus Bye how are you doing?

evodevo: 10-May-2007 17:48:08
Please solve my riddle posted in Plants in History & Literature (in Miscellaneous).

Jekka: 10-May-2007 13:36:50
Thats abit too close for comfort evo! Don't think I would get much sleep with a twister that close Shocked

evodevo: 09-May-2007 16:09:04
I intended to say 'tornado' ;, I need more sleep.

evodevo: 09-May-2007 05:11:54
Another night of toronado. This one 20 km from my house.

evodevo: 08-May-2007 12:53:11
Hi Jekka, I am fine. 12 more days!!!

Jekka: 08-May-2007 10:51:09
evo are you still alright? Rolling Eyes and iso where you at Question

evodevo: 07-May-2007 21:25:08
I like wind okay but this wind exceeded 200mph. There is nothing left standing in an entire town. Two years ago, I was 100 meters from a toronado.

amante: 07-May-2007 10:00:45
That is really bad Evo. Hope nothing happens to you or your neighgbourhood. I really hate wind, although I know it is necessary. I fear that my greenhouse would be damaged and get scared when I hear them creeking.

evodevo: 07-May-2007 03:25:35
It is B....y well raining here also. Numerous toronados, entire towns destroyed. A typical spring day in central US.

Jekka: 07-May-2007 01:58:01
Hi Cherry and welcome

Jekka: 07-May-2007 00:50:53
ITS RAINING!! Applause

evodevo: 06-May-2007 15:12:25
You're welcome Jekka. Talk to you tomorrow.

Jekka: 06-May-2007 15:00:47
Thx evo. It is 1am now goodnight

Jekka: 06-May-2007 06:34:35
Hi amante,hi blaise and goodbye Bye

evodevo: 06-May-2007 05:59:57
My primary instrument was guitar. I studied classical guitar in Mexico but worked mostly playing blues and jazz. Now, I mostly play Flamenco.

Jekka: 06-May-2007 05:43:19
Hi evo. What instrument did you play?

Isomorphix: 05-May-2007 19:21:24
Up late?! It's only 9:20 PM here. Not late at all. Laughing

evodevo: 05-May-2007 18:08:06
Hi Iso, you're up late.

Isomorphix: 05-May-2007 15:54:16
Hello all our familiar names! And welcome all newcomers! Nice to see our little plant community growing! Applause

wabose: 05-May-2007 07:09:14

evodevo: 04-May-2007 17:28:01
Greetings abc123cuba, Are you in Cuba? I am visiting Cuba next spring.

evodevo: 04-May-2007 16:36:19
Hi Jekka, I can almost smell your lavender biscuits.

Jekka: 04-May-2007 12:35:23
good evening evo Very Happy

Jekka: 04-May-2007 11:19:08
Hi maja, hi yuti Bye

Jekka: 04-May-2007 11:17:25
Hi slad. Nice to have you back. Hope you had a nice time with your visitors Very Happy

Sladolez: 04-May-2007 11:15:26
Hallo Jeka! Bye

Sladolez: 04-May-2007 11:10:32
Hi and thank you Iso, you are so kind.Nice to see you Bye

Sladolez: 04-May-2007 11:02:44
Hi evodevo Bye and amante Bye Nice to see you again Very Happy

amante: 04-May-2007 10:39:26
Hi evo and Sladolez. It a strange feeling to know someone is out there reading this at the same time I am sending it.

evodevo: 04-May-2007 10:25:29
Hello Sladolez, I really missed you. I am very happy to know you are well. Hi amante.

amante: 04-May-2007 10:13:22
Hi Blaise and Iso and all.

Blaisepereira: 04-May-2007 10:11:46
Hi Everyone

Isomorphix: 04-May-2007 10:10:15
Hello, Blaise, Amante & Yuit! Bye

Isomorphix: 04-May-2007 10:04:47
Don't be sad, Slad! I hope you had a very nice visit with your friends. Only be sad that your friends live so far away. Welcome back too!!

Sladolez: 04-May-2007 09:50:59
Hallo friends, I am here again after days. I am well as I wish to you all, too.I've seen off my gests from a far. I was very bussie and I couldn't come here Sad

Jekka: 04-May-2007 07:13:06
I wish it would rain here kuchlar Sad

Jekka: 04-May-2007 07:06:41
Hi evo. No rhubarb, no breakfast! was late for work Shocked

evodevo: 04-May-2007 04:10:33
Kuchlar, please do visit Costa Rica, however be prepared to never want to leave. Most days it rains in CR but most days the sun also shines. Also, I hope my Serbian is good, I'm still learning.

kuchlar: 04-May-2007 03:29:43
huh evo i love mornings, but here is raining.. Sad id like to come to visit you!!!:P

evodevo: 03-May-2007 20:48:11
Hi Jekka, are you having rhubarb this morning?

evodevo: 03-May-2007 01:35:57
Kuchlar, Kako cè vreme biti damas? The birds are already singing here and the sun will soon rise.

evodevo: 03-May-2007 01:20:28
Dobro jutro, Kuchlar. Dobro sam, hvala. Kako ste? It is 5:00 AM here and the morning is beautiful.

kuchlar: 03-May-2007 00:28:15
hello evodevo.. Smile kako si? Very Happy

evodevo: 02-May-2007 11:12:13
Where are you Sladolez? We really, really miss you.

Isomorphix: 02-May-2007 11:10:09
Hello, all our plant friends! Yes, Evo, all is well except it's cool & very windy today - rain off & on. Sad

Jekka: 02-May-2007 10:30:16
Good evening everyone Very Happy

evodevo: 02-May-2007 09:49:44
Hola, Iso, mi amiga. I hope all is well.

spiniflores: 01-May-2007 14:34:50
good night to todo el mundo Smile

Jekka: 01-May-2007 14:24:57
and goodnight iso and spini Bye sad

Jekka: 01-May-2007 14:13:08
Hi moongarden and goodnight. Bye sad

spiniflores: 01-May-2007 12:39:43
cold afternoon... nice for be in bed Very Happy

Isomorphix: 01-May-2007 12:30:41
Didn't see you, Spiniflores! Hood afternoon to you!! Very Happy

spiniflores: 01-May-2007 12:29:53
cloudy and grey day in Santiago the Chile... getting ready for cold season

spiniflores: 01-May-2007 12:29:19
hello jekka Very Happy

Isomorphix: 01-May-2007 12:21:21
Hello, Jekka! Are you getting ready for bed soon? Here, it's 2:21 PM. What time is it there?

Jekka: 01-May-2007 12:01:55
Hi spiniflores Bye

Isomorphix: 30-Apr-2007 18:47:21
Hello, Evo!! Slad is probably trekking about in her lovely mountains or busy in her garden like many of us are. Very Happy

evodevo: 30-Apr-2007 18:08:42
Greetyings Iso, Jekka and Marcus. But where is Sladolez?

Isomorphix: 30-Apr-2007 12:54:19
Ah, Evo, spring is finally coming & we're all outside, taking advantage of any sun & warmth before the heat of summer hits. Cool

Jekka: 30-Apr-2007 09:16:26
Im here Bye

Marcus: 30-Apr-2007 07:06:43
HI evo .. here we are Bye

evodevo: 30-Apr-2007 06:26:27
Where are the Plants World people?

evodevo: 26-Apr-2007 18:21:34
Hello Kuchlar and Sladolez, Jekka, Iso, Marcus, and all Plants World firends.

Marcus: 26-Apr-2007 09:13:17
Jekkaaa Bye

Jekka: 26-Apr-2007 07:27:20
Hi and Bye Marcus Bye

Jekka: 26-Apr-2007 07:26:31
Hi ani4u and welcome Bye

Jekka: 26-Apr-2007 05:38:05
Hello. Where are you? Bye

kuchlar: 26-Apr-2007 04:48:41
hi jekka!! Smile

kuchlar: 25-Apr-2007 01:37:42
hello Evodevo.. :)!!

Sladolez: 24-Apr-2007 12:31:44
Hi Jekka, everything is OK now. Bye

Jekka: 24-Apr-2007 12:25:53
Hi slad. Is your computer working alright now?

Marcus: 24-Apr-2007 11:47:43
Hi Jekka! How are you ? Razz

Jekka: 24-Apr-2007 11:45:26
Hi marcus Bye

Isomorphix: 24-Apr-2007 08:31:34
Hello, Slad, Jekka, & Evo!! ANd all others. I haven't been around much. Busy with non-garden stuff & then for relaxation when I get home, busy with my garden. So much work to do!! But gardening is enjoyable - my tranquilizer!! Mr. Green

Jekka: 23-Apr-2007 12:50:17
Night slad sleep well Bye

Sladolez: 23-Apr-2007 12:26:11
Good night Jekka, have a nice dreams!

Sladolez: 23-Apr-2007 12:23:59
The problems were last whole day Very sad I couldn't send posts Sad

Jekka: 23-Apr-2007 12:11:07
I have been having problems with the site too slad. It keeps stopping!

Sladolez: 23-Apr-2007 12:10:30
Hi Jekka, glad to see you after many days Bye

Jekka: 23-Apr-2007 12:04:18
hi everyone. No I haven't been in my garden I have been away for the weekend. Didn't get to be until 2am!

Sladolez: 23-Apr-2007 11:15:29
I have to much problems with site conections and have to go. Everything is so slow Bye sad

Sladolez: 23-Apr-2007 10:56:48
Hi evodevo, the weather is nice and they spend time outdoor. They have had garden works, I think. Jekka, Iso Bye

evodevo: 23-Apr-2007 10:40:01
Hi sladolez, and where are Iso and Jekka??

Sladolez: 22-Apr-2007 12:54:14
Happy weekend pass off, started new happy week Very Happy Whistling I am here again and send regards to my friends from all around the world! Bye

evodevo: 21-Apr-2007 03:04:36
Happy weekend, my friends.

Marcus: 19-Apr-2007 13:21:10
Hi Iso! How are you ?

Jekka: 19-Apr-2007 04:44:12
Hello and goodbye everyone post lots of stuff for me to read back on Monday Bye

Maja: 16-Apr-2007 06:32:00
you're welcome! Smile

evodevo: 16-Apr-2007 06:06:52
Maja, thanks for the infromation regarding how to use the cool midi face site.

evodevo: 16-Apr-2007 05:18:46
Hello, my friends.

Maja: 14-Apr-2007 11:13:01
Hi! :bye

evodevo: 14-Apr-2007 11:04:33
Hello Maja, Jekka and Sladolez.

Sladolez: 14-Apr-2007 05:56:40
Hallo my friends!I'm here, where are you all? Bye

Jekka: 14-Apr-2007 02:24:56
hello Evo Very Happy

Maja: 14-Apr-2007 02:24:34
Oh, it is afternoon already, isn't it?! Sad It's a beautiful day here, if it could only last longer! Smile

Jekka: 14-Apr-2007 02:09:39
Afternoon Maja Bye

Maja: 14-Apr-2007 01:56:13
Hi, people. Now that mini chat is here it's a lot easier to "see you" Bye Smile

Jekka: 14-Apr-2007 01:42:12
Hi Lsaliba Bye

evodevo: 12-Apr-2007 16:30:16
Sladolez, my good friend. How are you? I hope you are well.

evodevo: 11-Apr-2007 10:39:10
Hi Jekka, and where has sladolez been hiding?

Jekka: 11-Apr-2007 05:39:25
Hi Kuchlar. Climbed any mountains today? Mr. Green

kuchlar: 11-Apr-2007 00:41:38
hello majaaa!!! :n

Isomorphix: 10-Apr-2007 10:45:34
Um, I don't 'celebrate� 39; Easter, Jekka but we do a memorial of Christ's dath but accoding to the Jewish calender so did this last week. But holidays are nice most times as my son gets time off & we do something. Unfortunately, he's had a harrible cold & spent it coughing & blowing his nose. Sad

Jekka: 10-Apr-2007 09:46:30
did you have a good Easter Iso?

Maja: 10-Apr-2007 09:27:59
Hi, Jekka! Smile Thanx! Wink

Jekka: 10-Apr-2007 09:09:34
Hi maja. Fab pictures! Very Happy

Maja: 10-Apr-2007 07:49:26
I see it! Smile Hi! Smile

Isomorphix: 10-Apr-2007 07:35:04
Hi, Maja!! Bye Just on for a short while so don't know if you'll see this before I'm gone again.

kuchlar: 10-Apr-2007 01:22:22
hello Amante, how are you! Whats up in Malta.. Smile

evodevo: 09-Apr-2007 11:12:38
Hvala, Marcus, sladolez, Maja, Kato ste? Plants World people are the best.

Marcus: 09-Apr-2007 07:46:40
Hello people Bye

evodevo: 09-Apr-2007 05:04:08
Greetings Maja, I hope you're having a nice evening. I'm off now to the university (it's morning here).

Maja: 09-Apr-2007 05:00:42
Hi, evo! Smile

Lsaliba: 08-Apr-2007 20:15:37
Happy Easter everyone!!!! 1 day late but I was oh so busy!!!

Jekka: 08-Apr-2007 12:42:50
Hi slad. Where did you go? Bye sad

Sladolez: 08-Apr-2007 12:36:58
Hi Jekka, how are you in the middle of the holiday?I am so tired now, had guests

evodevo: 08-Apr-2007 05:37:10
Greetings Sladolez, I sent a new message.

Sladolez: 07-Apr-2007 12:47:51
Hallo boys! Bye

evodevo: 07-Apr-2007 09:44:33
Greetings my friends.

Sladolez: 06-Apr-2007 09:24:43
Thanks Jekka, to you too. Bye Happy Easter to all others which celebrate a holliday

Jekka: 06-Apr-2007 06:29:14
Happy Easter. Hope you get lots of nice chocy eggs Very Happy

Jekka: 04-Apr-2007 10:28:08
Its 8.30pm here now. I'm done for today!

Isomorphix: 04-Apr-2007 10:26:54
Bye! Got to run errands today. Bye

Isomorphix: 04-Apr-2007 10:25:49
The pic is to small & fuzzy for me to figure out. I need to see how many petals are in each flower to help ID it.

Jekka: 04-Apr-2007 10:18:40
Oh Hi was just trying tofigure out the new plant to I.D.

Isomorphix: 04-Apr-2007 10:08:37
Jekka! Over here! I just noticed your name on the list of members online. Oh, hi Maja too!! Razz

Jekka: 04-Apr-2007 07:19:48
Where did everybody go? Very sad

Sladolez: 04-Apr-2007 07:08:21
Hallo girls Very Happy Bye

evodevo: 03-Apr-2007 17:28:45
Hey, everyone, be sure to look at renee's monsterous list of semps & jovis. It's HUGE!!

Jekka: 03-Apr-2007 13:46:33
Hi Bye Slad!

Sladolez: 03-Apr-2007 13:40:35
Hi my friends! I'm here for a moment Bye Have no time, sorry. See you soon

Jekka: 03-Apr-2007 13:18:57
Mr. Green As for Slad I have no idea. Maybe she has ridden off into the sunset on her bike Wink

evodevo: 03-Apr-2007 12:45:56
Jekka, I'm ..oody quick. Where's sladolez today?

Jekka: 03-Apr-2007 10:32:10
Evo how do you do that? I didn't see you listed Cool

amante: 03-Apr-2007 10:14:15
Good evening evodevo and Jekka.

evodevo: 03-Apr-2007 10:10:18
Hi Jekka and Amante, hope all is well.

Jekka: 03-Apr-2007 09:38:50
Good evening everyone Very Happy

Sladolez: 03-Apr-2007 08:14:34
Hi Maja sweetheart Bye

Jekka: 02-Apr-2007 11:09:47
How on earth do you say that esileo!! Shocked

Jekka: 02-Apr-2007 11:05:30
Hi and welcome ezalex Very Happy

Isomorphix: 02-Apr-2007 10:08:28
The snow is wet & sticky - horrible to drive in. My son IMed me from work & said he saw cars sliding sideways on our hill, into the ditches. Yuck, yuck, YUCK!! 3 days ago it was warm & sunny!!

Jekka: 02-Apr-2007 10:01:23
Oh dear Iso. Sounds like you are having a hard time Sad

Isomorphix: 02-Apr-2007 09:16:14
Snow on the ground! We've never had snow at this late date. Never!!! Shocked

evodevo: 02-Apr-2007 06:34:59
Greetings kuchlar, it's good to hear from you. I hope to visit Eastern Europe next year and Macedonia is certainly a place of interest to me.

kuchlar: 02-Apr-2007 05:24:19
hello evodevo.. Smile greetings from Macedonia.. Smile

evodevo: 02-Apr-2007 05:18:22
Hi jekka, How are things in the UK?

Marcus: 01-Apr-2007 21:28:27
Welcome cyclone Razz

Sladolez: 01-Apr-2007 14:56:44
Bye Jekka, it was nice sunny day here...I was ride my bicycle, and tired now

Jekka: 01-Apr-2007 14:53:48
Hi slad goodnight

Sladolez: 01-Apr-2007 14:52:48
Bye Evo, I' going to sleep, it's too late (or too early ) Confused

Jekka: 01-Apr-2007 13:59:28
Hi palatef. You must be new Very Happy

Jekka: 01-Apr-2007 13:58:10
Did everyone have alovely sunny day today?

evodevo: 01-Apr-2007 11:17:29
Welcome Lorna.

evodevo: 01-Apr-2007 11:16:37
Sladolez, Hello my good friend. I have been outside planting some succulents and playing my guitar. It's a beautiful day.

Sladolez: 01-Apr-2007 10:43:42
Where are you members?There is no anyone... Confused

Sladolez: 01-Apr-2007 10:37:44
Hi Marko Bye How are you after nice sunny day?

evodevo: 31-Mar-2007 17:14:11
Iso, where are you? It must be sunny in BC today.

Jekka: 31-Mar-2007 06:40:20
Hi Lsaliba. Got to get back in my garden now see you later Bye

Jekka: 31-Mar-2007 06:38:25
Oh Hi Evo. Didn't see you was too busy looking at new photos Bye sad

evodevo: 31-Mar-2007 06:19:03
Hi, Jekka. Hope you're having a warm, sunny day.

Sladolez: 30-Mar-2007 14:14:18
Hi Jekka, nice to see you Bye

Jekka: 30-Mar-2007 13:28:46
Slad hello! Bye

evodevo: 30-Mar-2007 06:21:20
Yes, Jekka, thanks for asking. Not sure how I got severely dehydrated but I certainly know what to do about it.

Jekka: 30-Mar-2007 06:13:42
Evo are you better now?

Jekka: 30-Mar-2007 05:59:43
Hi Evo. He says to tell you he is fine?! Mr. Green

evodevo: 30-Mar-2007 05:42:07
HI Jekka, How's Tony Blair?

Jekka: 29-Mar-2007 14:56:00
Glad i got it right Andy. Goodnight Bye

Isomorphix: 29-Mar-2007 14:35:22
Welcome all you wonderful new members! This is a new community & we're happy to see other plant lovers joining us here!! Applause

Laburnocytissus: 29-Mar-2007 13:30:32
See my message about a plant I am trying to ID.

Laburnocytissus: 29-Mar-2007 13:29:55
Andy is even shorter. Cool

Jekka: 29-Mar-2007 13:17:39
Well tested:) Can I call you laburn for short?

Laburnocytissus: 29-Mar-2007 13:15:02 here, trying to figure it all out.

Jekka: 29-Mar-2007 12:36:25
Hi Laburnocytissus. Hope you like it here

Jekka: 29-Mar-2007 12:34:40
I think they will it just takes time looking around when you are new to a forum

Jekka: 29-Mar-2007 12:33:41
No. poor you. Hope you feel better soon.

evodevo: 29-Mar-2007 12:23:02
What's up with all the new members? I love it although I wish they would give their location and interests as we are all very interested.

evodevo: 29-Mar-2007 12:20:57
Hi Jekka, I just got back from the hospital. Somehow got severly dehydrated but I'll live.

Jekka: 29-Mar-2007 12:16:18
Hi Evo Bye

Jekka: 29-Mar-2007 12:06:05
Hi Nina. Nice to meet you Very Happy

Sladolez: 29-Mar-2007 10:55:54
Hi dinkadog, sorry, didn't see you Confused Enjoy with us Bye

dinkadog: 29-Mar-2007 10:47:20
Nobody Talking?

dinkadog: 29-Mar-2007 10:45:55
Hi Everyone! Bye sad

Marcus: 29-Mar-2007 08:55:01
Yes Jekka.. I hope that some of them will stay here for a while

Jekka: 29-Mar-2007 08:07:17
Loadsa newbies Marcus Applause

Maja: 29-Mar-2007 05:24:48
Hi! Smile

Jekka: 29-Mar-2007 04:38:49
Hya Bye

Isomorphix: 28-Mar-2007 20:57:56
Morning, Maja?? Here it's 11 PM & since I have to get up early tomorrow, not to my liking, I need to go to bed now. But a bright & cheery morning to you! Bye

Maja: 28-Mar-2007 20:49:04
'morning, Orininator! Very Happy

Marcus: 28-Mar-2007 20:45:52
Hi Maja Bye

Marcus: 28-Mar-2007 13:26:29
I am the Originator.. and of course all acitve members Wink

Marcus: 28-Mar-2007 13:24:43
Welcome tropicalfreak Smile This site start at 24 january.. Wink

tropicalfreak: 28-Mar-2007 13:20:02
Where is the Originator of the site from?

tropicalfreak: 28-Mar-2007 13:19:18
how long has this site been up?

Jekka: 28-Mar-2007 12:42:52
Hi maja Bye

Jekka: 28-Mar-2007 12:38:32
Hi Char. Nice to meet you Very Happy

Isomorphix: 28-Mar-2007 12:06:49
Hope you enjoyed your day then, Jekka & sleep well tomorrow. Hope it's nice gardening weather for all our friends here!!

Jekka: 28-Mar-2007 11:56:54
10pm Iso. Nearly time for bed!

evodevo: 28-Mar-2007 11:51:28
Greetings Sladolez. I hope you are enjoying a nice day.

Isomorphix: 28-Mar-2007 11:40:34
Hi Jekka! What time is it there? I just finished my breakfast-lunch & am enjoying a cup of tea before getting back to my work. Very Happy

Sladolez: 28-Mar-2007 10:55:12
Hallo! Very Happy Bye

Isomorphix: 28-Mar-2007 09:53:01
Wow! 6 members all on at the same time! Is this a record? Hello to everyone but now I'm off to tend to other things. Bye

Jekka: 28-Mar-2007 09:34:46
Hi Dingadog Bye Are you new?

Sladolez: 27-Mar-2007 13:34:43
Bye Jekka! See you tomorrow

Isomorphix: 27-Mar-2007 13:34:22
Sleep tight, Jekka. Don't let the bedbugs bite! Laughing

Jekka: 27-Mar-2007 13:26:22
Goodnight everyone Bye sad

Jekka: 27-Mar-2007 13:17:22
Like the picture albleroy Very Happy

Sladolez: 27-Mar-2007 12:48:21
Jekka, your mini plants are cute. I like them

Sladolez: 27-Mar-2007 12:46:38
evo, nice to meet you here! Your learning getting better, I see Applause

evodevo: 27-Mar-2007 12:34:39
Hello Sladolez, my good friend.

Jekka: 27-Mar-2007 12:25:44
Hi Sladolez Mr. Green

Sladolez: 27-Mar-2007 12:23:26
I've prepared myself, switched brain to english & now say hallo to lovely green friends Bye

evodevo: 27-Mar-2007 02:50:35
Učim srpski, Maja, but I don't know very much now. I need practice.

Maja: 26-Mar-2007 23:43:48
Oooo, hi, evododevo, didn't see your message on time. sorry! The weather is fine, sunny. How come you speak Serbian?

evodevo: 26-Mar-2007 22:44:53
Greetings Maja, Kako je vreme (Belgrade)?

Isomorphix: 26-Mar-2007 22:44:53
Ha, Evo! Yes, to me it's early too as I'm a late owl. But I need to make use of the sunshine we're to have tomorrow too so now I will truly go to bed. Had to finish reading something first.

evodevo: 26-Mar-2007 22:30:47
Iso, it's still early.

Isomorphix: 26-Mar-2007 22:21:47
Hello Jekka & Evo! Time for me to go to bed as it's past midnight here! Bye

Jekka: 26-Mar-2007 22:17:08
Its time to go to work Evo. Post some good stuff for me to read bye

evodevo: 26-Mar-2007 22:09:48
Hi Jekka, what are you doing up? Oh, I guess you should ask me that instead.

Jekka: 26-Mar-2007 14:01:41
Hi Iso and Alb Bye

Isomorphix: 26-Mar-2007 12:23:49
Hello everyone! I often don't notice the minichat till I'm finished reading, looking at pix, or posting. Never occurs to me. Confused

kuchlar: 26-Mar-2007 11:52:08
thanx sladolez.. :)!

kuchlar: 26-Mar-2007 11:51:44
Hi iso!!! hoe are you? Smile

Sladolez: 26-Mar-2007 11:48:53
Kuchlar, your garden flowers are veeeeery nice! Photos are great as always Not Worthy

Sladolez: 26-Mar-2007 11:46:29
Hallo plant lovers! Very Happy Bye

evodevo: 26-Mar-2007 06:06:06
I'll check in daily. I am trying to finish a research project which takes much time but I will always have time for friends.

Sladolez: 26-Mar-2007 05:27:22
Evo, I wish you to find some serbian students to make your learning easier Very Happy Sorry for vacation ending Sad Is that means you will spend less time here? Sad

evodevo: 26-Mar-2007 04:32:59
I forgot to say "hello" to Sladolez, Iso, and my cyber friends. Sadly, my vacation from teaching is over and I'm off to the lab.

evodevo: 26-Mar-2007 04:28:10
I really enjoy learning languages. Mostly, they are quite logical and have much in common. The most difficult thing in learning Serbian (except for Cryllic alphabet) is I will have little opportunity to hear it spoken. I will try to find some Serbian students at my university. Do viđenja!

Sladolez: 26-Mar-2007 04:02:23
Isomorphix, you are quite right, Serbian is very difficult to learn, but I don't wont to disappoint Evo. Evo, it's not hard for person as young and clever as you are, with a strong will

Isomorphix: 26-Mar-2007 00:31:45
Evo, I wish I could say I'd like to learn Serbian, but to be honest - I wouldn't. I find it very hard to learn another language - I'd rather automatically know it, not learn it. Learning a language is the more difficult than anything else I've tried. Embarassed

Jekka: 25-Mar-2007 14:57:08
Slad! Sorry hello and goodbye Bye

Sladolez: 25-Mar-2007 14:38:04
Bye Jekka, see you soon Bye sad

Jekka: 25-Mar-2007 13:58:29
Maja Bye

Jekka: 25-Mar-2007 13:55:08
ooops! I mean albleroy Embarassed

Jekka: 25-Mar-2007 13:54:17
Hi alberoy Bye

Jekka: 25-Mar-2007 13:52:36
Hello visitors. come and join us Bye

Sladolez: 25-Mar-2007 11:21:08
Welcome albleroy! Bye

evodevo: 25-Mar-2007 04:51:34
Hello, aboelezz, Pleased to meet you. I got confused and thought you are Serbian.

evodevo: 25-Mar-2007 04:32:34
Isomorphix, I am finding Serbian to be a very interesting, progressive language. Perhaps it wold interest you?

evodevo: 25-Mar-2007 04:20:29
Zdravo, aboelezz. Drago mi je.

Marcus: 25-Mar-2007 01:10:06
welcome aboelezz Smile

Marcus: 24-Mar-2007 22:06:08
Applause Razz Razz Very good serbian Not Worthy

Isomorphix: 24-Mar-2007 21:43:17
My maiden name is Hungarian. I looked up its origin & learnt that it meant 'Slav'. So it seems my ancestors were Slavic & moved to Hungary many centuries ago. And all I can speak is English. Crying or Very sad

evodevo: 24-Mar-2007 13:14:44
Hvala, Sladolez. I will learn Serbian so perhaps someday when you visit me in Costa Rica, we can help each other communicate. Do viđenja!

Sladolez: 24-Mar-2007 12:12:38
evodevo, odlicno, hvala! It is excelent Serbian! Applause You are very sweet & nice & kind Very Happy

evodevo: 24-Mar-2007 10:35:17
Sladolez, kako ste? Is this good Serbian? I will try to learn your language.

Isomorphix: 23-Mar-2007 16:13:49
Hey, Jekka. I just missed you again. Saw a notification that I got a reply on my thornless rose post & looks like I just missed you. Sad

Jekka: 23-Mar-2007 13:25:40
Hi Slad. It has stopped raining here but is still damp and dull

Sladolez: 23-Mar-2007 12:30:10
Hi amante, nice to meet you!

Sladolez: 23-Mar-2007 12:29:18
Hallo Jekka, how are you? Still raining here...

Jekka: 23-Mar-2007 11:54:05
Good evening everyone Very Happy

Sladolez: 23-Mar-2007 11:40:03
Hi Marko & Laurence! Bye

Marcus: 23-Mar-2007 11:21:23
Hi amante! How are you ?

Jekka: 23-Mar-2007 00:19:07
Iso Wondered where you had gone! Mr. Green

Isomorphix: 22-Mar-2007 13:55:47
Seemed like I came on when no one else was around. Maybe 'cause my time zone is Pacific (west coast of Canada). Happy to see everyone has been having fun posting. Sorry about your cold miserable weather too, Jekka. Bye sad

Lsaliba: 22-Mar-2007 09:54:51
Thats one pretty frog Evo

evodevo: 22-Mar-2007 09:24:55
Very poisonous, Jekka. Just handling it would be dangerous.

Jekka: 22-Mar-2007 09:11:54
Is it poisonous Evo? Its very pretty

evodevo: 22-Mar-2007 09:05:48
Hi Jekka, my avitar is a poison arrow frog I photographed outside my cabina door in Cahuita, CR.

Lsaliba: 22-Mar-2007 08:50:30
Thanks Jekka, hi Slado

Sladolez: 22-Mar-2007 08:35:16
:oops:...and boys too!

Sladolez: 22-Mar-2007 08:34:36
Hallo girls! Bye

Jekka: 22-Mar-2007 08:22:33
Nice pics Lsaliba Very Happy

Jekka: 22-Mar-2007 08:17:04
Hello visitors Bye

evodevo: 21-Mar-2007 13:16:16
You are correct, Jekka. Even a simple, polite request for information on those sites often would result in contentious exchange. I really don't like conflict.

Jekka: 21-Mar-2007 13:12:09
I agree Evo. I was on a different gardening forum and they always seemed to be arguing!

evodevo: 21-Mar-2007 13:05:22
I like this forum much better than the yahoo groups. In yahoo, the participants seem to be rather insulting at times. Here, everyone is decorus.

okianer: 21-Mar-2007 12:16:05
hello Jekka ,I am glad to be here Wink

Jekka: 21-Mar-2007 12:13:27
Hi Okianer. Glad you joined us Bye

Jekka: 21-Mar-2007 12:12:35
Nevermind Sladolez I suppose sometimes you just have to let nature take it course Sad

Sladolez: 21-Mar-2007 12:02:27
I was just disappear for a moment. Jekka hallo again! I've not been helpfull, sorry

Jekka: 21-Mar-2007 11:55:55
Hi Sladolez Mr. Green

Sladolez: 21-Mar-2007 11:54:29
Maja darling Bye

Maja: 21-Mar-2007 11:53:50
But it's always nice to see Sladolez here. Hi, Slado! Wink

Maja: 21-Mar-2007 11:53:10
I don't know! Rolling Eyes

Jekka: 21-Mar-2007 11:51:52
Maja Where did everybody go? Shocked

Maja: 21-Mar-2007 11:46:31
Hi to all of you! Wink

Jekka: 21-Mar-2007 11:44:33
Oh bottoms I forgot to use smilies Very sad

Jekka: 21-Mar-2007 11:43:03
No snow Kuchlar but very cold now

kuchlar: 21-Mar-2007 11:38:23
hello Majaa.. Smile

Lsaliba: 21-Mar-2007 11:33:37
Thanks Kuchlar

kuchlar: 21-Mar-2007 11:32:13
hi sladolez.. Smile Lsaliba...great photos!!!!! Applause

Sladolez: 21-Mar-2007 11:27:48
Hello Jeka Bye Kuchlar, didn't see me Crying or Very sad

kuchlar: 21-Mar-2007 11:25:16
hello Jekka..still snowing there.. Smile

Jekka: 21-Mar-2007 11:10:32
hello everybody

Sladolez: 21-Mar-2007 11:06:41
Hallo Kuchlar Bye What's up?

Jekka: 18-Mar-2007 15:37:05
Hi and Bye Marcus Bye

Jekka: 18-Mar-2007 15:35:46
Cool Avatar Moongarden Applause

evodevo: 18-Mar-2007 04:03:17
Jekka, you should visit Costa Rica sometime. The ecosystems vary radically as one can go from 0 to 4000 meters in an hour.

Jekka: 18-Mar-2007 03:31:30
Hi Amante Bye

Sladolez: 18-Mar-2007 02:55:54
I must go to work now, bye! Bye sad

Sladolez: 18-Mar-2007 02:54:06
Hi Jekka, nice to meet you Bye

Jekka: 18-Mar-2007 02:43:50
Morning Sladolez Mr. Green

evodevo: 18-Mar-2007 02:02:19
Then I apologize. In our culture it simply means "darn".

Jekka: 18-Mar-2007 01:20:07
Embarassed um vee you said a rude word

evodevo: 17-Mar-2007 18:25:19
Bugger, I misspelled miscellaneous.

evodevo: 17-Mar-2007 18:21:38
Goodnight, Jekka. In the morning please read my posting in Miscelsaneous and let me know what you think.

evodevo: 17-Mar-2007 17:08:45
Maja, you should visit Costa Rica sometime.

Jekka: 17-Mar-2007 16:50:31
Evo Bye got to go bed now write something good

Jekka: 17-Mar-2007 16:49:27
Maja Bye

evodevo: 17-Mar-2007 13:56:58
Hi Maja, Marcus, and everyone. It is spring break this week and I do not have to teach. I am so happy.

Maja: 17-Mar-2007 12:34:33
Very Happy

Sladolez: 17-Mar-2007 12:28:48
Maja, nice to see you too! Kiss

Maja: 17-Mar-2007 12:26:53
Hi, Sladolez! Nice to see you all here! Wink

Sladolez: 17-Mar-2007 12:24:24
And boys too! Bye

Sladolez: 17-Mar-2007 12:05:51
Hi girls! Bye

Maja: 17-Mar-2007 10:12:33
Hi, everibody! Bye

Maja: 17-Mar-2007 10:10:53
Hi, Marcus

Marcus: 17-Mar-2007 10:10:09
Hi Evo, Maja Bye

Jekka: 17-Mar-2007 03:33:50
Hi Evo Bye

evodevo: 17-Mar-2007 03:20:00
Jekka, no problem with the spelling. My nickname is simply evo.

Jekka: 17-Mar-2007 03:01:24
Amante... Not Worthy Hello to you too

Jekka: 17-Mar-2007 02:59:31
Hi Evodevo. spelt it right this time Embarassed

Jekka: 17-Mar-2007 02:57:23
Bye Kuchlar enjoy the plums!! Bye

kuchlar: 17-Mar-2007 02:36:05
I must go now... ill spend some time in nature...the wild plums are in bloom, and i want to enjoy them.. Smile byeeee

kuchlar: 17-Mar-2007 02:28:22
really?! WOW, i thought that you dont have snow in southern england...what a pitty Sad

Jekka: 17-Mar-2007 02:27:14
Im fine. They are fine. The sun is shining and spring is in the air but SNOW coming tomorrow Arrrggghhh!! Very sad

kuchlar: 17-Mar-2007 02:19:42
how are you, how are the plants doing? Smile

Jekka: 17-Mar-2007 02:16:14
helloooooooooooooo o Bye

kuchlar: 17-Mar-2007 02:14:10
hello jekka...greetings from sunny macedonia.. ;)!!

Isomorphix: 16-Mar-2007 22:07:35
Glad to see it worked, Evodevo!! I hope many make use of your excellent idea. :raz: Razz

evodevo: 16-Mar-2007 20:09:52
Isomorphix and Marcus, everything works now. I posted the instructions and attached the image (Hydroponic Rooting/Seeding Chamber). Thanks for the technical help.

Jekka: 16-Mar-2007 18:24:26
Haha I am new too! Cool pics evodevoe Cool

evodevo: 16-Mar-2007 17:35:57
Hi Jekka, I just sent you some info regarding the Costa Rican topiaries. I'm new to this site and therefore not all that familiar about protocol etc.

Jekka: 16-Mar-2007 11:04:13
Hello visitors. come and join us

Marcus: 15-Mar-2007 23:23:44
Hi evodevo Razz

Jekka: 15-Mar-2007 07:46:39
Oooh Marcus. The boss man. Hello your awesomeness! Not Worthy

Marcus: 15-Mar-2007 07:42:09
Hi Jekka! How are you ?

Marcus: 14-Mar-2007 22:39:14
Hello Bye

kuchlar: 13-Mar-2007 01:36:59
hello Markus.. Smile how r u?

Sladolez: 11-Mar-2007 14:20:07
Hi, Slucajna, beauty girl! Nice to meet you! Bye

Jekka: 08-Mar-2007 23:38:26
Hi Iso. Write lots of good stuff. I am off to work give me lots to read when I come back Bye

Maja: 08-Mar-2007 14:00:34
Hi, Jekka! Now I see your msg! 1.5h late! Smile

Jekka: 08-Mar-2007 12:32:17
Hi Maja. This shoutbox is wellwicked init? Mr. Green

zmijobor: 08-Mar-2007 02:15:53
hm, on this forum we don't know each other enough to 'minichat 9;, yet... Mr. Green

Isomorphix: 07-Mar-2007 14:11:16
Oh, hi, Zmijobor. I don't normally look at minichat - write my posts or look at pix & then leave again. Bye

zmijobor: 06-Mar-2007 23:50:02
Hi, Iso!

zmijobor: 05-Mar-2007 14:50:54
There is 'The Boss'! Hi, Marcus!

zmijobor: 05-Mar-2007 14:49:28
hey, maja! Nice to meet you here!

Marcus: 05-Mar-2007 14:49:15
Hi everybody! Very Happy

zmijobor: 05-Mar-2007 14:43:11
hi, peaple!

Rufman2: 04-Mar-2007 00:51:06
Hey Marcus! I have not heard back from you!

Rufman2: 04-Mar-2007 00:49:39
Hey Macus! Did read emails? I'm a big help!

Marcus: 02-Mar-2007 15:23:40
Welcome arnie Smile

Marcus: 27-Feb-2007 11:49:47
cool Cool

Isomorphix: 27-Feb-2007 11:45:28
Thank you, Marcus. Most of my own digital photos are more than 1 MB so I'll create a folder on my HD for only with resized photos.

Marcus: 27-Feb-2007 04:25:57
You should resize Wink But it is not a problem if you don't... You have for now 10 MB quota for Gallery Smile

Isomorphix: 26-Feb-2007 18:29:35
I'll start with smaller ones first till I hear back.

Isomorphix: 26-Feb-2007 18:28:58
Marcus, should I resize photos for my own gallery or load them whether they're large or not?

mayo97: 26-Feb-2007 08:43:12
Thank you for the welcome Marcus.

Marcus: 26-Feb-2007 06:56:16
Welcome mayo! Bye

amante: 25-Feb-2007 22:49:46
mocropot, the cacti are housed in greenhouses. the other succulents are both in the greenhouse and outside depending which.

Marcus: 25-Feb-2007 13:08:05
Yes macropot Cool

mocropot: 25-Feb-2007 12:31:06
I did not mean to put : &quot

mocropot: 25-Feb-2007 12:30:17
Marcus, Hi! The "plantsworld& quot; is growing!LOL

mocropot: 25-Feb-2007 12:28:25
Amante, Are your succulents outside or inside?

Lsaliba: 24-Feb-2007 02:25:15
Very interesting site indeed. Good work everyone!

amante: 23-Feb-2007 22:14:04
Welcome Lsaliba, I am not the only Maltese here, now.

Marcus: 23-Feb-2007 11:42:29
Isomorphix Bye

Marcus: 23-Feb-2007 11:42:06
Very good Wink Welcome Lsaliba Smile

Lsaliba: 23-Feb-2007 11:21:12
Hi everyone, hi Amante, found the site!

amante: 23-Feb-2007 11:01:48
Oops, Sorry, how are things going?

amante: 23-Feb-2007 11:00:24
Hi Marcus, Boss how are thing going?

amante: 21-Feb-2007 03:58:48
Nina, one of these days I am planning to water the cacti and succulents as i have not done so since October.

nina: 21-Feb-2007 03:18:34
Hi, Amante, we have perfect weather, the spring is a month earlier than usual. Next weekend, I will start spring works with my hibs.

amante: 21-Feb-2007 02:23:21
Hi Nina, too hot for this time of year. Do you have fair weather?

nina: 21-Feb-2007 00:44:02
Hi, Amante, is it sunny on Malta?

Marcus: 20-Feb-2007 13:11:29
Hi Radagast Wink

Radagast: 20-Feb-2007 13:04:35
aye boss Smile

Marcus: 20-Feb-2007 07:35:43
Welcome people Very Happy

marymarra1: 20-Feb-2007 05:48:16
Question Hi I am a new member. I am from Tucson AZ. And I like Hoyas

amante: 17-Feb-2007 11:40:31
Yes. I have just arrived from work and came straight to the computer to see how it is going. Applause

Marcus: 17-Feb-2007 11:38:06
Very good! I see you add some terms Smile Great job! And very good idea! Wink

amante: 17-Feb-2007 11:30:38
Hi Marcus, how are you?

Marcus: 17-Feb-2007 11:24:09
Hi Amante Very Happy

amante: 15-Feb-2007 09:57:29
Thanks Very Happy

Marcus: 15-Feb-2007 09:48:05
It's done Wink Now is quota for Photo gallery 10 MB Smile

slucajna...: 15-Feb-2007 09:24:44
Don't delete anything... Marcus will give you bigger uploaud qouta as soon as he gets online

amante: 15-Feb-2007 08:46:08
Marcus is there a way were I can upload more photos or should I delete the ones allready there and upload new ones?

Marcus: 15-Feb-2007 08:21:07
I am glad to hear that ! Razz

amante: 15-Feb-2007 08:04:02
Helo Marcus, I see this site has taken for good and its getting to be my favourite.

Marcus: 15-Feb-2007 07:29:57
Hello everybody Razz

amante: 14-Feb-2007 07:00:15
Fine Marcus, Preparing to go to work for night shift.

Marcus: 14-Feb-2007 06:53:10
HI amante! How are you ?

Jelencica: 13-Feb-2007 09:04:32
always fine Wink

Bili: 13-Feb-2007 09:02:10
fine tnx... and you dear? Wink

Jelencica: 13-Feb-2007 08:57:44
hi Bili dear! how are you?

Bili: 13-Feb-2007 08:52:22
Hi Jelencica Very Happy

Jelencica: 13-Feb-2007 08:31:10
hello! Razz

kuchlar: 13-Feb-2007 05:30:48
great, I miss svetbiljaka Smile so now I am postibg here more

Marcus: 13-Feb-2007 05:29:35
Very good ! Smile And you ?

kuchlar: 13-Feb-2007 05:23:57
Hi marcus:) how r u?

kuchlar: 13-Feb-2007 01:34:52
hello paspalum Smile

ricknfresno: 12-Feb-2007 19:03:06
welcome my friends from PLANTSWAP

Marcus: 11-Feb-2007 09:39:36
Hi daki Smile

daki: 11-Feb-2007 09:35:15
Embarassed I'm a new one

Marcus: 11-Feb-2007 08:28:23
Welcome Charles

Marcus: 11-Feb-2007 00:48:52
Welcome Smartyplantz Razz Where are you from ?

Marcus: 10-Feb-2007 09:06:49
hi annu! Razz

annu: 10-Feb-2007 08:43:49
hello, everybody

Marcus: 09-Feb-2007 13:06:33
It is working Wink I see your new photo.. Very Happy

Marcus: 09-Feb-2007 13:00:31
I set up automatic approval for photos now.. Try it please Wink

ricknfresno: 09-Feb-2007 12:58:31
thanks, i will look for smaller photos!

Marcus: 09-Feb-2007 12:52:26
Do you see when you try to upload .. this :Maximum allowed file size is 5120 KB

Marcus: 09-Feb-2007 12:50:54
I can't change quota right now.. Please upload photos on forum. Open a new topic .. ? I'll try to fix this quota soon..

Marcus: 09-Feb-2007 12:48:22
hm.. just a sec..

ricknfresno: 09-Feb-2007 12:47:50
it says my space is 1024k, and i am at 939k. am i done and can't upload any more?

Marcus: 09-Feb-2007 12:43:37
Hi Rick Smile Cool Razz Just upload.. I will aprove it right now Wink

ricknfresno: 09-Feb-2007 12:40:55
hi Marcus, more pictures to upload from me

Marcus: 09-Feb-2007 09:51:38
Hi wspets Razz

kuchlar: 09-Feb-2007 06:29:23
hello Bili.. Smile

kuchlar: 09-Feb-2007 06:28:28
fine thanx, i was just opening a new tiopic about horse chestnut.. Smile

Marcus: 09-Feb-2007 06:15:21
Hi kuchlar! How are you ?

kuchlar: 09-Feb-2007 06:13:52
hi there!!! Smile

Marcus: 07-Feb-2007 22:14:29
Shocked Great pics! I approved it all.. and you will get extra quota Wink

ricknfresno: 07-Feb-2007 17:44:43
ok, pictures done, quota exceeded. are there admins online to approve? Razz

ricknfresno: 07-Feb-2007 17:20:45
hey Markcus, i will upload some of my daylilly pictures. none of me in my thong at the beach! haha

ricknfresno: 07-Feb-2007 17:05:24
hello from fresno california usa

slucajna...: 07-Feb-2007 03:31:27
Very Happy My body apparently lives in another time zone... didn't see you last night, sorry...

Maja: 06-Feb-2007 17:22:19
(Entil Rolling Eyes Smile )

Maja: 06-Feb-2007 17:21:07
Wow, slucajna, you're awake too?If I was chasing good looking men entill now, what's your excuse? Laughing

Octopus: 06-Feb-2007 13:20:12
Hello Marcus

Marcus: 06-Feb-2007 09:23:44
Hi amante!

Marcus: 05-Feb-2007 21:18:35
Razz Razz Razz

mocropot: 05-Feb-2007 18:07:00
Hey Marcus, the site is alive, I can feel it! Just needs a little bit of time

mocropot: 04-Feb-2007 15:51:51
I am originally from Ukraine and now in Florida USA. I have a friend here from Serbia, left 25 years ago. He is going to Croatia this spring.

mizza: 04-Feb-2007 15:04:55
I'm from Serbia. Well, I have a lot of plants, but grow mostly violets and flytraps

mocropot: 04-Feb-2007 14:58:28
hey mizza! Where are you from? What are you growing?

mizza: 04-Feb-2007 14:56:57
hi mocropot!

mocropot: 04-Feb-2007 14:51:47
hey got your instruction let see if it works

Marcus: 04-Feb-2007 12:40:14
mocropot Razz

Marcus: 04-Feb-2007 04:13:38
Hello Bryan ! How are you ?

Marcus: 01-Feb-2007 11:53:42
Hi groe!

Marcus: 01-Feb-2007 11:41:00
looking how to improve site Wink

Pinki: 01-Feb-2007 11:30:45
Great. I'm looking what is new. You ?

Marcus: 01-Feb-2007 11:29:02
Razz Hi Pinki! How are you?

Maja: 31-Jan-2007 04:10:08
Hi, kuch! Wink

kuchlar: 31-Jan-2007 03:58:15
Hello plant-lovers!!!!

Marcus: 30-Jan-2007 07:40:54
Hello people! Smile

Radagast: 30-Jan-2007 03:29:20
hello gang

Marcus: 29-Jan-2007 21:38:46
Welcome ricknfresno! Razz

ricknfresno: 29-Jan-2007 15:33:34
ok Marcus, i joined. thanks for the invite from the PlantSwap group.

Radagast: 29-Jan-2007 12:22:09
great, apparently someone will... Mr. Green

Marcus: 29-Jan-2007 11:58:51
Very fine! We have 2 new members Razz I hope they will post some messages on forum Rolling Eyes

Radagast: 29-Jan-2007 11:49:41
hey boss, how's it going?

kuchlar: 29-Jan-2007 11:24:41
bene grazie.. Smile

Jelencica: 29-Jan-2007 11:06:18
hello kuchlar ! come va?

Octopus: 29-Jan-2007 09:04:53
Hello Mark Razz

Marcus: 29-Jan-2007 08:59:07
Hellow people ! Shocked

kuchlar: 29-Jan-2007 07:31:22
ciao Jelencica come va? Smile

kuchlar: 29-Jan-2007 07:25:32
certainly.. Smile

Marcus: 29-Jan-2007 07:22:25
Yes yes Razz It would be big and great one day Wink

kuchlar: 29-Jan-2007 07:18:24
this 4um is starting to look like a real one.. Smile

kuchlar: 29-Jan-2007 07:18:00
Fine thanx.. Smile

Marcus: 29-Jan-2007 07:11:47
Hi kuchlar! How are you ?

Bili: 29-Jan-2007 04:37:07
sleepy Neutral and U?

kuchlar: 29-Jan-2007 04:20:39
hello bili! how r u?

Bili: 29-Jan-2007 04:14:54
greetings from Nis Very Happy Wink

kuchlar: 29-Jan-2007 04:00:07
hi people!!!! Cool

Maja: 29-Jan-2007 03:59:17
Just stoping by to see what's happening here! Wink

slucajna...: 29-Jan-2007 03:46:29
hi, maja... whats up? Mr. Green

Maja: 29-Jan-2007 03:43:11
hy, slucajna! Wink

Marcus: 28-Jan-2007 22:12:27
Mr. Green I just have exams.. Mr. Green

nina: 28-Jan-2007 22:10:49
hey, this is an excellent idea, Marcus. But you know that I know that you are a genius.

Marcus: 28-Jan-2007 22:08:26
Welcome Nina ! Razz

kuchlar: 27-Jan-2007 06:44:39
hello marcus, how are you?

Marcus: 26-Jan-2007 08:56:49
Hi Pinki ! How are you?

mizza: 25-Jan-2007 13:49:01
bye bye Smile good luck!

slucajna...: 25-Jan-2007 13:46:37
get well soon... got to study now.. mah mah

mizza: 25-Jan-2007 13:42:58
it's a flue, but unfortunately, we don't lay together... Sad i would be like new then Razz

slucajna...: 25-Jan-2007 13:35:39
Crying or Very sad oh... I hope you are laying together Wink is it flu?

mizza: 25-Jan-2007 13:32:06
my hero and I lay (?) in bed... we're ill... Sad

slucajna...: 25-Jan-2007 13:31:21
and where is your hero? Wink

mizza: 25-Jan-2007 13:29:31
hello Jane! Wink

slucajna...: 25-Jan-2007 13:28:51
bah, I should register as Jane.. was that name of tarzan's girl? Very Happy

mizza: 25-Jan-2007 13:26:47

Tarzan: 25-Jan-2007 13:21:32
Tarzan have palm Mr. Green

mizza: 25-Jan-2007 13:21:31
tell me, PLEASE! Very Happy

Bili: 25-Jan-2007 13:19:48
Tarzan from jungle Wink

Bili: 25-Jan-2007 13:18:53
woho, I know, He know, We know Laughing

mizza: 25-Jan-2007 13:16:32
I don't know! Sad

anja: 25-Jan-2007 11:45:29
Bili who is tarzan?

Tarzan: 25-Jan-2007 09:24:14
Do I know you ? Laughing

Bili: 25-Jan-2007 09:23:03
hi, start MSN please Very Happy

Tarzan: 25-Jan-2007 09:13:58
Hi everybody!

Marcus: 25-Jan-2007 07:20:00

mizza: 25-Jan-2007 04:38:37
Laughing that's the right word Razz

Marcus: 25-Jan-2007 03:39:35
Yes yes.. this forum is .. how to say.. clean Mr. Green

mizza: 25-Jan-2007 03:06:10
how are you? I like this forum, is is better than SB, not including Underworld Alternative Wink

Bili: 25-Jan-2007 03:02:19
Good morning Very Happy

mizza: 25-Jan-2007 02:59:25
hey bili!

kuchlar: 25-Jan-2007 01:28:06
hello, sunny greetings from macedonia!!! Wink

Maja: 24-Jan-2007 17:06:58
This is a democratic forum- no kings &queens! Just president. Me, off course! Smile

mizza: 24-Jan-2007 14:30:23

Bili: 24-Jan-2007 13:24:20
I want to be queen Twisted Evil

Marcus: 24-Jan-2007 10:28:20
Mr. Green

mizza: 24-Jan-2007 10:24:05
I want to be king of the site!

Marcus: 24-Jan-2007 10:22:13
samo ako budes trazila to na engleskom Mr. Green

Marcus: 24-Jan-2007 10:21:33

mizza: 24-Jan-2007 10:21:19
e marko, ja zelim vlast, stavi me za pocasnog moderatora Laughing

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